Why Does Nobody (Get How Great I Am?) is a song that appears in Rankings. It is sung by Jessi and Nick with a cameo by Connie.


I got charm and wit
I'm all funny and shit
But I guess that's not enough

I got brains and sass
Coming out of my ass
But I can only act so tough

I thought the nice guy
Got the girl in the end
Who'd guessed all the movies lie?

I must've traded my heart
For funny and smart
Now I'm all alone til I die

Nick and Jessi
So tell me why, why does
Nobody get how great I am?
I got it all going on
But the world doesn't
Seem to understand

In this endless sea
Of chumps and fools
Well, they oughta be
Crowning me the king of cool

So why, why, why does nobody get it?

Someday babies, the clouds will part
The world will take notice
And your life will start
Your talent will shine

Your dick will grow
You'll be the bell
Of the ball and
The star of the show


Jessi (spoken)
Someday? Who cares?

Nick (spoken)
How does that help me now?

Nick and Jessi
Why, why does nobody get
How great I am?

Why does nobody get it?


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