Whitney Elizabeth Houston was a famous singer. She is portrayed as a LGBT ghost in Big Mouth. She first appeared in the episode "The Head Push".


Whitney Houston made her first appearance in "The Head Push", where she, along with Prince, Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, and Pablo Picasso were in the attic of The Birch House, in a party hosted by Duke Ellington. Nick went up into the attic to show them his dick and they all made fun of him for having a tiny penis.

Whitney Houston made a cameo at the end of "The Planned Parenthood Show", as one of the cast members who appeared earlier in the episode, despite the fact that she never appeared at any point prior to the ending.

In "My Furry Valentine", Duke Ellington admitted to Nick that he was in love with Whitney Houston but she was in love with Nina Simone and that Nina was in love with Burt Reynolds. So, he organized a quadruple date on Valentine's day with all of them. Whitney was not pleased with Burt Reynolds being present there, as she apparently held some kind of disdain or at the very least, indifference toward him.

In "Cellsea", Whitney Houston was in the attic with Duke, Prince, Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie. Jay went up there to tell them about how he was questioning his sexuality and Duke helped Jay come to terms with it by summoning Gordy into the attic to sing him a song about it. Gordy helped Jay better understand himself as well as all the other ghosts. Whitney said that throughout her life, she had feelings for people of the same sex but she kept this a secret, until the day she died of drugs and heartbreak. Gordy had her pinned as a "closeted bisexual".


Whitney Houston is an African-American adult woman with large curly raven hair and slick black eyebrows. She has dark chocolate irises, purple eyeshadow, and black mascara. Her lips are the same dark purple color of her eyeshadow. She wears a black tank top, yellow pearl earrings, and a yellow pearl bracelet. She also has a yellow flower pin on her top. She has a light blue ghost tail and emits a cyan ghostly aura.


Whitney Houston is a loud and proud woman, who sings a lot of the things she says. As a ghost, she is a lot more free and proud than she used to be while she was alive. During her lifetime, she never came out of the closet but now that she's dead, she's openly bi and dates men and women, happily.

Episode Appearances


  • Despite being straight in real life, in the show, Whitney is portrayed as a member of the LGBT community who died in the closet. Although it is unknown exactly what sexual orientation she has, she said she was forced to hide her "same-sex love", implying that she is either lesbian or bisexual.
  • She is the third most recently dead ghost in the series, having died in 2012. The second is Prince, having died in 2016 (a year before the show started) and the first is Burt Reynolds, who died in 2018, (a year before his debut appearance in the episode "My Furry Valentine").
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