Vicky is a teenage girl who lives in Florida. She is Cherry's best friend.


In Florida, she is introduced by Cherry to Nick and Andrew. Shorty after, they start vaping. Later, she and Cherry are outside near a boating dock with Nick and Andrew as they show off their vaping skills. Vicky claims her last vape was a guy filling out a declaration for bankruptcy. She walks down the dock with Nick explaining to him what a piss pop is. She asks Nick if anyone would ever look for him. She continues by asking how many people are at the bottom of a canal they're looking at.

Nick becomes nervous throughout the conversation. He goes over to Andrew and Cherry saying Vicky showed him her stepdad's corpse. She offers to spill SpaghettiOs on a baby's head and wait for a dog to come lick it up. She and Cherry leave with Skip. Vicky and Cherry are seen at the sedar. Nick goes up to Vicky. She asks him if he wants to suck gas out of a Jeep or go to Piggly Wiggly and slice up a bunch of milk gallons. 

Her last offer is to go sink a boat which Nick agrees to. Outside near a boat, Vicky offers to use a pipe bomb she's been saving for Easter. She throws the pipe bomb on the boat and it explodes. Nick kisses Vicky who punches him in the chest and kisses him herself. The sinking boat causes a sinkhole to open. As the sinkhole continues to open, Vicky falls in. In the end, the events of the sinkhole was only a metaphor. In How To Have An Orgasm, Vicky appears in a scenario with Cherry and two other girls in Andrew's imagination. In The ASSes, Vicky appears in a fantasy with Andrew while pregnant much to his chagrin. 


Vicky wears a green midriff top tied in a knot. She wears blue shorts and pink shoes.


Vicky is a very southern girl. She likes to do crazy things and cause mischief.

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