Val Bilzerian is the second eldest brother to Jay Bilzerian, behind Kurt. He plays a minor/major antagonistic role in Jay's life and a minor role in the plot of Big Mouth as a whole.


Val Bilzerian is a cruel, corrupt, sadistic, violent, brutal, and mischievous individual whose behavior is borderline psychopathic; often taken pleasure in the bullying and pain of Jay to a great extent. He shows no remorse for the barbarism he commits towards Jay and displays joy towards his suffering. He maintains a light-hearted and charismatic facade with a smile. He is shameless in all of his acts and is gleeful with outcomers egardless of who/what is affected by his actions. It can be deduced that he does suffer from a mental disorder, similar to Jay and his mother but is manifested through an alternative outlet. Not afraid of showing who he really and blatantly disregards the safety of others on a whim just for fun and laughs. He is not above using intimidation and physical violence to get what he wants. Val is considered lawful evil.

Episode Appearances

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