Tyler Perry (Big Mouth)
Tyler Perry (formerly Emmitt Perry, Jr.) is an American actor, who makes a bunch of stupid movies. He appeared in "Am I Gay?" as a black Santa Claus on a movie poster.


In "Am I Gay?", Tyler Perry appeared on the poster for a Christmas movie called "Tyler Perry's Atlanta Claus", dressed as Santa Claus. Coach Steve started talking to him, asking for help. Tyler Perry asked Coach Steve if he had been naughty or nice in a funny voice and Coach Steve admitted to being naughty because he put his fecal matter all over the basketballs in the school gym. Tyler Perry rose his hands in the air and exclaimed "Hallelujah!"

In "Requiem for a Wet Dream", all of the hallucinations from previous episodes came back when Andrew's dream came crumbling down before him, including Tyler Perry dressed as Santa.

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