Totally Gay is a song from Am I Gay?. After questioning his sexuality, Andrew turns to The Ghost of Duke Ellington and his homosexual, undead, friends to help him decide if he's gay or not


    Chorus: What's it like to be gay?
    Freddie Mercury: When you're gay. Everyday is a nonstop cabaret.
    You've got style and flare, you're loved everywhere,
    'Cept for North Carolina!
    Bears and Queens, Catholic tweens
    The world's your buff buffet
    Come and join in the fun, say hello to tight buns
    and goodbye vaginas
    Be gay, totally gay
    Be a bright and shining rainbow
    Yes you'll find your new identity in the LGBT community
    Andrew: I'm gay!
    Totally gay!
    I'm a fabulous, flouncing loud and proud cliché on display
    And I've found my calling, today
    Oh, Shantae.
    It's a flaming hot pink letter day
    and I'm not the boy I used to be
    I'm here, I'm queer
    Get used to me
    Chorus: He's absolutely, undeniably gay.


    • This song was reprised in its debut episode's credits.
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