The Spectrum of Sexuality is a song sung in "Cellsea". It is sung by Gordie, Ghost of Duke Ellington, Whitney, Prince, David and Freddie.

The Spectrum of Sexuality A 'Big Mouth' Song by Gordie - Netflix

The Spectrum of Sexuality A 'Big Mouth' Song by Gordie - Netflix


The modern world's
A sexual cornucopia
We take comfort knowing
If we're this or that

No longer simply straight or gay
There's a mind-boggling array
And we all are searching for
A home to hang our boner's hat

Let's begin with the
Simple androsexual
That's an any-gendered
Person who fucks men

But if there's a part-time dickin'
And also ladies you'll be sticking
Then you could be bi or cisgen-MSM

Now should you require romance
To get you into no pants
Then a demisexual is what you'd be
And the omnisexual or pan
Will bed all genders, understand?

While polysexuals don't fuck
All just two or three
Yes, siree on the spectrum
Of sexuality

Duke (spoken)
So, you're telling me there's
A category for everybody?
I don't believe it.

Gordie (spoken)
Oh, yeah? Try me.

I sashayed like a nancy
Boy to make the ladies shriek

A gender-normative gynophile
With a homophobic streak

I was a femme androgenoid
From a distant outer space

A polysexual gender
Non-conformist textbook case

I died from drugs and heartbreak
Forced to hide my same-sex love

I fucked ladies who
Fucked ladies who fucked me

Hm. A classic closeted
Bisexual and a philandering
Cisgen male
There's a name for anything
You care to be, don't you see?
On the spectrum of sexuality

Some prefer to be alone
When they get naughty
They're only turned on
By the sight of their own body

Well, it's logical as it's lexical
They're simply autosexual
Like, oh, so many more
From sea to sea

Whatever horny predilection
Makes you wet or prompts erection
It's all there, on the spectrum

Of sexuality

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