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The Hugest Period Ever is the second episode of the fourth season of Big Mouth. It is the thirty-third episode overall.


While Jessi deals with menstrual mayhem, Nick tries to avoid showering with the guys, and Missy gets a makeover from her cousins in Atlanta.


Jessi was on a beach when there was a water of blood coming from inside and she got drowned and woke from her dream when Connie was in bed and Natalie came up with a surprise shock of a blood in her vagina, she had the Hugest Period Ever.

When Nick was in the shower Seth & Milk had a puberty play, when Connie was with him becuse he didn't take a shower. Missy was going for a trip to Delta with her cousins with her family, but with Mona angry, she told her she was an anguish. But Jessi went for a swim when suddenly her ladypad was in the water and it grows huge when everyone was out of the water.

When Missy got home with her parents she was angry at them, after that his dad told him to go to her room. But Jessi notices that she met Mark when she goes surfing with a blood wave and they had alot of fun.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • Rick randomly appears three times to say "What are you gunna do?"
    • This episode introduces a new adult female hormone monstress named Celeste, who appears to the the same thing.
  • Jessi's Vagina enjoys periods and even considers them her favorite time of the month.
  • Vandalism in the boy's shower room reads "Harry is a wanker."
  • Cyrus has family in Atlanta. These being his mother, an unnamed sister, and his sister's two daughters, Lena and Quinta.
  • Three kids mysteriously disappeared from Camp Mohegan Sun last year and their skeletons are discovered at the bottom of the lake.
  • Missy learns how to get in touch with her Afrocentric roots. She gets a new look, where she ditches her overalls, starts wearing her hair in braids, and starts using hair product that's more compatible with her hair.
  • Missy says that it's not okay for her to say "The N Word", as she looks into the camera. This is a reference to her voice actor being Caucasian.
  • Cyrus' middle name is revealed to be "Byrus".
  • Missy sadly gets rid of her overalls once and for all.
  • Nick gets the nickname, "Soup".


Cultural References

  • Missy started dancing the choreography of the song "This is America" when she's talking with Mona, refering to the Childish Gambino song