Svetlana is a Russian thot who makes livestreams on Hot Camz. She asks her followers for money with the promise that she'll take off her clothes and act all sexy but she just takes the money and never follows through with her promises. She made her first physical appearance in "The Pornscape".


In "Everybody Bleeds", a Russian guy named Dimitri stole all the tampons and toilet paper from all the bathrooms in the Statue of Liberty and threw them all into the ocean, cursing a "Svetlana" girl for dumping him and saying he's getting revenge on her by "fucking her whole gender". Additionally, a heart reading "Svetlana + Dimitri" was carved into the stall of the bathroom. It is possible that the Svetlana from this episode was the same Svetlana, who appears later in the series.

In "The Pornscape", Andrew becomes addicted to porn and starts going on livecam websites. Andrew goes to a website called "Hot Camz" and becomes a dedicated follower of Svetlana, who promises to take her clothes off for money. Andrew steals his dad's credit card and uses it to tip her 500 tokens so that she can buy a mini-fridge. Svetlana was later shown in The Pornscape, asking for money to buy a mini dishwasher and Andrew points out that she still hasn't taken off any of her clothes like she promised.

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