Slice O' Your Pie is a song sung by Duke Ellington in the episode "Duke".


I've been sniffing in your kitchen and it sure smells good.
Your cookies are the talk of the neighborhood,
But come on, honey. Won't you give me a slive of your pie?
I wanna nibble your biscuits and your macaroons.
Gunna mix my batter when you lick my spoon.
Lift up your apron and give me a slice of that pie.
Now, apple, cherry, it's all so sweet.
You make my coconut cream when you mix that meat.
The lovin' in your oven makes me lose control,
When you stick your ladyfinger in my jelly roll.
Bless my soul.
I cleaned your plate and I wiped my chin,
But I'm still a little hungry. Let's do it again.
Come on, honey. Give me one more slice of that pie.
Come on, pretty baby. Give me one more slice of that pie.
Oh my, my.

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