Shame is a song sung by the Shame Wizard in the episode Dark Side of the Boob.


Tell me how do you think humankind would look,
Unrepentant of their every lurid sin
Running carefree as you please, tits and willies to the breeze
Indulging every hedonistic whim
Would you be happier? Maybe yes
But heavens, what a mess as you lie, cheat, scam and screw
That's why I'm here to steer you right
And to shine a naked light on all the horrid things you do
And fill you with shame
Making life just a little bit lame
A healthy dose of sweet self loathing shame
This one is embarrassed that his balls have yet to drop
And this one is a skeevy little perv
This one's going batty 'cause she split up mom and daddy
And it's a punishment she's certain she deserves
Let's see, this one's a bed-wetter
And that one's a dry humper
And this one is a lonely little queer
Oh, I hate to be a bummer
But, my dear, I've got your number
And I'll whisper it forever in your ear
Bringing the shame
Shame, you've got no one but yourself to blame
You thought no one was watching
But I'm right here in your brain
So if you start to burn too hot
I'll douse your filthy flame
Yeah, I'll come rushing in
Like a harsh judgmental friend
To twist you from within with glorious shame.

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