Sex On A Lady is song from the episode Steve the Virgin.


You wanna do sex, but you're filled with doubt
What if my peener gets shy and nothing comes out?
Just remember what I told you when you're feeling afraid
Even that guy Forest Gump, he once got laid

I wanna do sex on a lady
But I'm not really sure I can
Make my peener puke like a baby
But there's a couple things I don't understand
Do like the birds do the bees
And make my wee wee sneeze in a lady

Come on Steve, you gotta believe in yourself, baby
Okay, I'm confident now!

I'll spiff up my little fellow, make it stand up proud
And when my cherry pops it's going to be awesomely loud
I'll chew on her hair, I'll lick on her face
Then I'll go number three in the lady place

I'm gonna do sex on a lady
And that lady's gonna do sex on me
We'll be just like a mommy and daddy
Yeah, we're gonna touch parts where we pee
We're gonna fill each other with goo
Play hide the sausage (and maybe some bacon too)
I'm not gonna stop 'til I'm through doing sex on a lady

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