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Season 5 is the fifth season of the Netflix television series, Big Mouth. It premiered on Netflix on November 5, 2021.


Attempting to take his mind off of Lola, Jay decides to attempt No Nut November, with Andrew, Jessi and Nick all joining in a competition to see who makes it. Unable to stop Andrew from feeling horny, Maury teaches him about the practice of edging. At Nick's house the trio attempt to watch the film Doubt in an effort to not be aroused, only for Andrew to lose control while practicing edging and starts humping the couch, resulting in ejaculating in front of Nick's family; at the same time, Jessi steals Judd's shirt and loses the competition as well. Nick has an erotic wet dream about Jessi that night. Meanwhile, Missy fantasizes about Devon, feeling confusion, and eventually breaks up with her fantasy version of Nathan Fillion. Jay unfollows Lola, who taunts him on social media, so she shows up at his house to tempt him. This ends in a fight where both refuse to apologize to the other, and Lola vows to make Jay cum in the month. Jay has an "emotional orgasm" while trying not to think of her and told he has failed by the spirit of Kumail Nanjiani. The episode ends with a montage of various characters masturbating while Andrew narrates that he was kicked out of a real estate model home for it.

The Shame Wizard, depressed at having been defeated by the kids seasons earlier, finds out from Coach Steve that there is swim class at the school that day and appears in order to sow discord. At first not appearing to succeed, soon the students begin feeling bad about their bodies. When the Go-Gurt Burglar is revealed to have large genitals for his size, the boys are all upset. Nick finds out that the others mock him for his small penis when he is not around, and fears he has a micropenis. Unable to afford a penis pump advertised online, he uses a vacuum cleaner which results in injuries. Andrew, in an attempt to clean up his unkempt pubic hair, cuts his scrotum with a pair of scissors, and after pouring expired Nair and hydrogen peroxide, his penis takes on the appearance of the Joker. Matthew starts becoming aroused after learning that Jay is not circumsised, and has difficulties with Aiden. Jessi finds out that every other girl shaves their legs and cuts her legs with a beat-up razor in an attempt to shave. Missy finds out she has acne on her back, and worried about Devon losing interest, attempts to pop the zits, only resulting in dislocating her shoulder and getting a needle in the face. Lola is insecure when Devin says her labia are abnormally large, and after learning of a goop egg online, she attempts to fix it by sticking a whole egg, only to get it stuck. At the emergency room, Nick, Jessi, Missy, Andrew and Lola all meet each other, but advice Lola's mother's parole officer off-sets their shame at their imperfections. The next day, Jay offers to show his erect penis to Matthew, who is more aroused. The Shame Wizard considers the day not a total failure.

Missy organizes an affinity group at the school, which Nick joins in order to impress Jessi. The order of business is to protest the school's outdated and offensive mascot, "the Scheming Gypsy". Ali convinces the others in the group that they should not be patient and protest the mascot at the wrestling meet the next day over Missy's protests. Nick gets a new creature, Walter the Love Bug, who convinces Nick that he is in love with Jessi. At Ali's house the night to make signs, the two seem ot hit it off. At the wrestling meet that day, Andrew loses but is boasting about his singlet emphasizing his rear. No one in attendance notices the protest, so the group storms the match, only to get told off by attendees. During the protest, Jessi touches Nick's arm. Jay impresses another student Charles Lu with his "wrestling magic" and invites him to Panera to learn more with the Sorcerers, and after that Charles and Jay wrestle before kissing. Andrew begins carb-loading to maintain his utt muscles shape, but after too much clam chowder has diarrhea and tears his singlet in order to use the Panera toilet. Matthew start acting paranoid in order to get Aiden to break up with him, succeeding to his dismay. At Jessi's father's apartment, Ali and Jessi are excited and talk, with Jessi revealing she has and uses Judd's shirt, before they decide to not follow MIssy's patient approach and attempt to tear down the statue at the school, only managing to smash a crystal ball before getting arrested. Later released by the police, Jessi is brought home and encounters Nick, who has been encouraged to make a "grand gesture." This gesture is a love song which only results in awkwardness and Jessi revealing she doesn't like him the same way as he runs off. Later, Ali appears outside Jessi's window, both excited about the day. Another love bug named Sonya lights up behind Jessi as she feels love for Ali.



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  • Season 5 was greenlit at the same time as seasons 4 and 6.
  • This is the first season where Jenny Slate doesn't voice Missy Foreman-Greenwald, after she retired her role in 2020, believing it to be racist for a white woman to voice a black girl.