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Season 4 is the fourth season of the Netflix television series Big Mouth. It premiered on December 4, 2020. This season was originally intended to premiere sometime earlier but production was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Season 4 of Big Mouth focuses on anxiety, but not the political kind. The anxiety of growing up, of figuring out who you are, discovering yourself, accepting yourself. In the great Big Mouth tradition, the show continues to explore human sexuality and everything around it, including racial and sexual identity, love in all its forms, and having “The Hugest Period Ever.”[1]

As of Season 4, all of the main characters have graduated 7th grade and have moved onto 8th grade, after a three-episode story arc about their summer, which is spent primarily at Camp Mohegan Sun.

This season of Big Mouth has the overlying theme of anxiety, as is portrayed by Tito the Anxiety Mosquito, who torments just about every character in the series by bombarding them with tons of rational and irrational fears and doubts about the world around them. This becomes epitomized, starting with the episode "Four Stories About Hand Stuff", when Andrew goes into a state of thanatophibic (fear of death) paranoia, in lieu of the recent death of a character close to him.

This season also exhibits the struggles one goes through when moving to a new place and transferring to a different school, as seen with Jessi Glaser, when she's forced to move to New York City and make new friends at the prestigious private school, Darlington Pierce School, where she simply does not fit in and can only think about how much she misses her old friends at Bridgeton Middle School.

Another theme explored here in racial identity, where Missy learns from her very cultural cousins, Lena and Quinta how to get more in touch with her ethnic roots and act more black, after being raised in a "post-racial" household by a culture-blind white mom and a black dad who has completely forgotten who he is.

Coming out to one's family as a member of the LGBT community is also dealt with, in the case of Matthew, who comes out in a very conservative, Christian, all-American family. Matthews gets accidentally outed all to soon, when his mom discovers his dirty texts with his boyfriend, Aiden. The way both of his parents react exemplifies two very different ways such conservative people would respond to their son coming out as gay.

Other stories from this season involve transgenderism, gratitude, constipation, blue balls, age gaps in dating, hand-related sexual activities, predicting the future, code switching, periods, public masturbation, the apocalypse, cutting school, racism, and post-9/11 insensitivity.


1. Big-mouth-s4-1.jpg "The New Me" December 4, 2020
At sleep-away camp, Jessi befriends her trans cabinmate, and Nick discovers his two best friends have a little too much in common.
2. Screenshot 20201204-181642.png "The Hugest Period Ever" December 4th, 2020
While Jessi deals with menstrual mayhem, Nick tries to avoid showering with the guys, and Missy gets a makeover from her cousins in Atlanta.
3. Screenshot 20201204-195955.png "Poop Madness" December 4th, 2020
On the last night of camp, bowel problems, a talent show and a hookup lead to hurt feelings. Back home, Jay and Lola throw a pool party.
4. Screenshot 20201204-214654.png "Cafeteria Girls" December 4th, 2020
After seeing their eighth grade classmates coupled up, Nick and Andrew make a play for two seventh grade girls. Jessi adjusts to life in the city.
5. Screenshot 20201204-232442.png "A Very Special 9/11 Episode" December 4th, 2020
On a trip to the 9/11 museum, Nick and Andrew sneak off to meet Jessi, Devon teaches Missy about code-switching, and Coach Steve gets a rude surprise.
6. BigMouth Season4 Episode6 00 00 59 02.jpg "Nick Starr" December 4th, 2020
Thirty years in the future, rich but lonely game show host Nick prepares to flee a dying Earth. But first has to track own the perfect plus-one.
7. BigMouth Season4 Episode7 00 21 30 16.jpg "Four Stories About Hand Stuff" December 4th, 2020
The kids at Bridgeton Middle explore enthusiastic consent, feminine pleasure, coercion, and more in four short films.
8. BigMouth Season4 Episode8 00 14 56 20.jpg "The Funeral" December 4th, 2020
Wracked with guilt, Andrew tries to keep his urges in check. Matthew's mom ices him out of the church bake-off after reading his texts.
9. BigMouth Season4 Episode9 00 12 09 06.jpg "Horrority House" December 4th, 2020
A trippy haunted house hosted by Kappa Kappa Kill forces each of the friends to reckon with their biggest fears.
10. BigMouth Season4 Episode10 00 22 43 14.jpg "What Are You Gonna Do?" December 4th, 2020
Forced out of his own body by his smug alter ego, Nick fights back - with help from his friends and the Gratitoad. Matthew comes out to his dad.


  • This season was originally intended to air sometime in either September or October of 2020, as seen by the Halloween special, "Horrority House". However, production was put on hiatus due to the unforseen COVID-19 pandemic, causing the season to premiere in December.
  • This is the final season to feature Jenny Slate as the voice of Missy Foreman-Greenwald. In 2020, she announced that she'll be retiring from the role as she believes it's racist for a white woman to voice a black character. Jenny Slate's role of Missy's voice actor is permanently replaced by Ayo Edebiri, midway through this season's penultimate episode, "Horrority House".