Scorpion is the son of Pam and Kurt Bilzerian. However, Jay serves as the father figure in the absence of Kurt. He was born in the episode "Pillow Talk".


After some hot sex in "Pillow Talk", Pam revealed to Jay that she was pregnant, which stirred up a lot of controversy. Jay wanted Pam to abort the baby, but Pam refused. When the baby was born, Jay named him Scorpion but was quick to notice that he looked a lot more like his brother, Kurt, than he did, himself. Pam admitted that she had sex with Kurt, which angered Jay. However, Pam did remind Jay that he told them they had an open relationship. Despite technically not being the father, Jay was willing to raise Scorpio with Pam, in hopes that they would become a happy family unit. However, Pam shortly left Jay and took Scorpio with her so that she could raise the baby all by herself. Jay was not happy about this but there was nothing he could do about it because by the time he found out, Pam and Scorpio were long gone.

In the stinger of "The Pornscape", Jay and Jessi ran away together and happened to stumble across Pam and Scorpion in the back of a farmer's truck.

In the beginning of "Am I Normal?", Jay chose to leave Pam for Jessi. Pam took care of Scorpion by herself. Jay told Scorpion to take care of his mother and Scorpion waved goodbye as the truck drove away.

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