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Samira is a minor character from Big Mouth. She is a softspoken girl, who was going out with Ali. She first appeared in "Everybody Bleeds". She is voiced by Fran Gilesspie.


In "Ejaculation", Samira was in the background at the dance.

In "Everybody Bleeds", Jay tried to win her over by showing her some card tricks but he guessed the wrong card and got pissed off. Samira got scared and pretended that it actually was her card and Jay screamed at her, asking why she isn't going out with him.

In "Requiem for a Wet Dream", Samira was in the background in Miss Benitez's class. When the students freaked out over who to partner up with, Samira tripped and fell.

In "I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah", Samira attended Jessi's bat mitzvah.

In "Dark Side of the Boob", Samira was at the sleepover, where she showed Gina, on her phone, the viral meme that Devin was sending around of her being portrayed as a slut for letting Nick touch her boob.

In "Girls Are Angry Too", Samira took part in the Slut Walk.

In "Rankings", Samira was one of the girls on the list. She also went to Devin and DeVon's wedding.

In "The ASSes", Andrew cheated off of her on the ASS and stared down her shirt too. In this episode, Maury described her as "the smart girl".

In "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!", she was one of the choral singers in the rehearsal of Disclosure (The Musical). She ended up getting cast as the stage director.

In "The New Me", she was in the recap song, sitting at her desk during the reenactment of The ASSes.

In "Cafeteria Girls", Samira and Ali started going out and Ali said that they had lots of lesbian sex that Samira's parents couldn't hear because they were always watching really loud television. Samira guessed that The Masked Principal was Cathy Lee Gifford. This was also the first episode where Samira was mentioned by name.

In "Four Stories About Hand Stuff", Samira was in the girls locker room with everybody else, talking about how Devin and DeVon just broke up. She also "fingered" Ali.


Samira was formerly a very quiet and soft-spoken introvert who usually kept to herself and didn't usually talk to anybody. She was very shy and awkward and liked to steer clear of most social situations. However, after she began dating Ali, Samira started to come out of her shell, speaking up more often, and even showing a romantic and eager side, as seen when she and Ali gave Lola advice in Four Stories About Hand Stuff.

Episode Appearances


  • Despite being around since Season 1, her name was not mentioned in dialogue until the Season 4 episode, "Cafeteria Girls".