Roland is a female friend of Nick Birch's that lives in Manhattan, New York.


Before Big Mouth

Roland met Nick Birch at summer camp.

During Big Mouth

Roland's picture shown briefly in Ejaculation on Nick's wall. Roland's debut was in Pillow Talk, when she invited Nick to her penthouse in Manhattan. Nick and Andrew Glouberman forged notes to go to Manhattan to visit her. When they arrived, the two boys were introduced to Mint and in her room, Roland began to flirt with Nick until she, Mint and left on a helicopter to go to an art installment Mint was doing on Dwayne Johnson. Nick and Andrew did not go because Andrew had an inner ear condition.


Roland is a boring and nonchalant girl. She knows quite a few celebrities, but dismisses them as "too clingy". She is always on her phone.

Roland revealed that she hates her parents.


Roland is a young girl with short blonde hair, topped by a pink peg, and dark green eyes, she wears a pink, white and blue striped dress that is completely white on the bottom.


Main article: Roland's Relationships

Nick Birch - Roland has been shown to have a romantic relationship with Nick. It seems as if Nick is one of the few people Roland does not just dismiss as "too clingy".

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