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"Rankings" is the seventh episode of Season 3 of Big Mouth. It is the twenty-eighth episode overall.


As the friends feverishly swap lists of the hottest kids in school, newcomer Ali stokes the flames by announcing she's pansexual.


During Devon’s bachelor party, since he is willing to get married to Devin if it means a handjob, the boys decide to make lists based on various physical features of the girls. As you can imagine, this blows up and leads to a lot of people dealing with the fact they aren’t that attractive.

Devin, for example, can’t deal with the fact her overall score is 13 while Devon is #1. Also, Lola being higher than Jessi, and Andrew nearly twice Nick’s number? It messes them up substantially. Especially when people start changing their numbers, like Nick does to attract Gina, but then only ends up falling off her list completely.

Ali reveals she is pansexual and that lights a fire under everyone. However, while she is the talk of the town, in a good way, Jay coming out as bi doesn’t lead to anything positive. His acquaintances now feel uncomfortable around him, and Matthew participates in bi-erasure. Even Caleb joins in.

Luckily, despite all the drama Jay is part of, and him being crazy, Ali takes pity on him and tells him he was very brave to come out.

Jessi’s crush on Judd she tries to pursue, but he is in high school and has zero interest in Jessi. He even refers to her as Nick’s friend, and not by her name. Andrew loses Missy to Lars, and Nick loses Gina to Charles Lu.


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Cultural References

  • During Devin and DeVon’s wedding Jay seems to be wearing a purple button shirt and black vest. Similar to Michael Jackson’s outfit in the Billie Jean music video