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Poop Madness is the third episode of the fourth season of Big Mouth. It is the thirty-fourth episode overall.


On the last night of camp, bowel problems, a talent show and a hookup lead to hurt feelings. Back home, Jay and Lola throw a pool party.


On the last day of camp, Andrew was trying to come out of his poop when Maury was in the bathroom when suddenly an angry poop came out of his butthole and Andrew screamed at him and fell out of the toilet. When Harry had host a talent show when people called Nick soup. So he told Connie that he was writing jokes for the talent show when Tito told him he couldn't go to the bonfire.

Jay and Lola were having a relaxing day at the dirt pool. When they are relaxing with a bunch of dirt chairs when he licked her toes, everyone else looks at them in disgust. Devin scolds Lola for ending up with Jay, saying she [could do so much better], and Matthew scolds Jay saying that Lola is, well, Lola. Both hearing opposite sides of this story, Jay and Lola decide to continue their relationship, and not to care what anyone else thinks. But when Harry was thinking that he gave it for calling him Soup. But Tito told that he was gonna bomb but he's not. He has a speech with him so he sang a song about a bowl of soup when Berman's brother died. But then he ran away crying when Tito was freaking out when he lost in the woods when teaches him to see that they have no friends and the word Soup on his locker and turned into an old man with an untouched dusty little dick. Suddenly Nick saw a glowing face of Andrew staring at him. Nick stands his ground but it was too late.

After that Nick came to see Andrew that he was fat enough but they are having poop twins he was gonna shit when they came along. Because of this, Andrew revealed that it was very hard to let go of not only his shit, but his past as well (involving the incident when Nick kissed Missy). They both openly admit that they've missed each other, and at long last, their friendship is resumed. When Nick and Andrew offer Seth to say goodbye when they missed them cause Milk told Nick that there is no Bob Reedy. Nick was excited to go back home and see his family.


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Cultural References and International versions

  • Maury tells Andrew that he's going to "pop his dookie bubble" and then breaks the fourth wall to make a shout-out to "Bobby and Whitney". This is a reference to the Being Bobby Brown episode "The Past is the Past", where Bobby Brown told Whitney Houston that he too would, "pop her dookie bubble".
  • Maury names Andrew's poop Zack and Cody and hopes they have a sweet life. This is a reference to the Disney Channel tv show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. In Polish version they got names after Jacek and Placek from ,, O dwóch takich, co ukradli Księżyc'' of Kornel Makuszyński.


  • Nick's imagination sequence features Jessi going to 8th grade with him despite the fact that she would be going to a different school by this time.