Andrew Glouberman - Nick's best friend. It's shown they do most things together. Andrew often stays at Nick's house and is considered part of the family. Although he got jealous of him one time, he considered Andrew to be kind of embarrassing when he brought a "Jazz hat" to the city with him while looking for his old camp crush, Roland.

Jessi Glaser - Nick's other best friend Jessi, often hangs out with Nick, Andrew and Jay. They were in a forced relationship at one point, but decided it was better for them to be friends, since then they didn't hate each other. Jessi turned to Nick in a time of need by asking to go to his house when her parents argued at her house.

Jay Bilzerian - Nick's other best friend Jay. Jay has cameras hidden in Nick's house to watch how perfect his life is. Nick finds this disturbing but Jay does nothing about telling him where the cameras are or uninstalling them.

Ghost of Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington, the famous African-american music composer of the 20's and 30's died in Nick's home. His soul remained as a ghost and now eternally lives in the house. Nick often goes to Ellington when he needs advice about something.

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