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Natalie El-Khoury (formerly known as Gabe) is one of the campers at Camp Mohegan Sun and is the first transgender person on the series. She used to be friends with Nick and the boys but has now been moved to the girl's cabin. She first appeared in "The New Me". She is also a major recurring character in the spin-off series, Human Resources, having first appeared in "Rutgers is for Lovers". Natalie is voiced by Josie Totah.


Big Mouth

In "The New Me", Natalie was introduced to the boys cabin and her former friends were quick to recognize her as Gabe. Natalie explained to them that she uses she/her pronouns since she came out. Naturally, Natalie was nervous about introducing herself to this group, as exhibited by the presence of Tito the Anxiety Mosquito, and it was only made worse by Harry very poorly explaining transgender people to the guys. On top of that, the guys bombarded her with a flood of stupid and intrusive questions. Lastly, it was announced that now that she is a girl, Natalie would be sleeping in the girls' cabin instead. In the girls' cabin, Natalie became quick friends with Jessi but did not get along with the other girls, as all they did was tell her that she wasn't dressing like a "real girl" and tried to give her a makeover, where they kept putting her in embarrassing and offensive outfits. Lastly, Natalie officially got sick of dealing with everyone and escaped with Jessi to go pull a prank on the boys, where they hid cups of shit in their cabin.

In "The Hugest Period Ever", Natalie helped Jessi deal with her getting a giant period by stealing tampons from the other girls' backpacks until they found the right one. Natalie also explained via flashback how before she came out as trans, she was assigned Gavin as her hormone monster and hated him because he kept forcing her to be more manly, which is something she didn't want. So she told her parents she was trans, which they were originally against but after her mom listened to some Lady Gaga music, she changed her ways and became an avid supporter of the trans community and put her on hormone blockers to block out Gavin. This allowed for her to no longer be forced into male puberty and could instead be Natalie. (Puberty blockers do not induce female puberty, just block any sex hormones in the body, stopping puberty) Later, one of the counselors told the girls that they needed to put on their bathing suits and go swimming but Natalie reminded him that she didn't need to go swimming because her mom sent him an email, exempting her from the activity and also calling him a "baldfuck".

In "Poop Madness", Seth Goldberg started hitting on Natalie and she returned his feelings. They went out into the woods together to poke a dead bird and later make out, which Natalie really enjoyed. However, Seth revealed that he was embarrassed about making out with her because she was transgender and wanted to keep it a secret from the other guys, which really offended Natalie and made her break up with him. When camp ended, Natalie and Jessi parted ways but they stayed in touch via text and Natalie promised to text Jessi every day for about a week and then just kind of faze out to one every six months for the next 10 years.

In "Nick Starr", in the future year of 2052 the future version of Natalie and the future version of Seth Goldberg were shown as an old married couple, watching Missy's funeral on TV.

In "No Nut November", Jessi looked through her phone and saw a picture she took of herself and Natalie back at Camp Mohegan Sun.

Human Resources

In "Rutgers is for Lovers", Natalie stuffed a bunch of eggs in her mouth to see how many eggs she could fit in her mouth at once. She then appeared before her sister, Nadja El-Khoury, after hearing the latter just got accepted into Rutgers. Since Nadja wasn't gunna do it herself, Natalie spilled the beans about her college acceptance to her parents at dinner that night.

In "It's Almost Over", Natalie felt bad for her dying grandmother, Yara, who she had really never gotten to really know before, and wanted to spend some time with her before she died. Against her father's orders, Natalie took Yara out of the retirement home to hit the town with her and dressed her up in some fancier clothes and makeup. Natalie used her grandmother to buy drugs and alcohol, despite being underage and she had a great time juuling and drinking. Yara told Natalie her life story of how she met Safi and later Wassim and Natalie learned more about her than ever before. Natalie got so high that she didn't notice when Yara left her wheelchair until she had already wandered off. In a panic, Natalie called her dad to tell her what happened and with the help of the police, they found her. Natalie was grounded for a month for sneaking off with Yara. Natalie was in the room, crying, while Yara officially passed and when she died, her lovebug, Water, was transferred over to her because of the newfound love she showed for her grandmother. Since then, Walter has been Natalie's lovebug.



Natalie is a mixed race, Caucasian-Middle Eastern teenage girl with long brown hair, thick eyebrows, brown eyes, and tanned skin. She wears a pink shirt, pale green shorts, and blue shoes with white bottoms.


When she identified as a boy, her hair was shorter and she wore an orange polo shirt, indigo shorts, and grayish green shoes with white bottoms.


Natalie is a nervous, yet occasionally outspoken trans girl, who has gone through a lot of trouble in the past, discovering her true identity. She really does not like it when people are transphobic toward her. However, she isn't a stranger to it. She gets irritated when people bombard her with tons of stupid questions about her gender identity, she gets really annoyed when people make false assumptions about her, she gets offended when people tell her that she's not acting like a "real girl", and she gets flat out pissed off when people are embarrassed to date her because she's trans. She gets along with other girls better than guys most of the time. before her transition, she was just one of the boys and was really good friends with the other guys, doing funny stuff like pissing in people's drinks and tricking them into drinking it. As a girl, she's still just the same old person, shitting in cups and hiding them in log cabins so that people will suffer the horrendous stench and drive themselves crazy trying to find it. Overall, she's just a regular kid, who unfortunately doesn't get treated like a normal person because of her new gender idientity.




  • Nick Birch - Natalie was good friends with Nick during the previous summer but ever since she became Natalie, Nick has been really annoying about her gender identity and she just doesn't want to associate with him anymore.
  • Seth Goldberg - Natalie was great friends with Seth but like with Nick pre-transition, he just got really weird when she became a girl so she stopped associating with him. In "Poop Madness", this all changed when Seth came back and proved to have a crush on her. Natalie was very excited to know that Seth liked her and she returned the feelings. The two went into the woods and made out next to a bird corpse. However, when Seth exhibited transphobia and the fear of being made fun of for having a transgender girlfriend, Natalie got pissed and broke up with him. In "Nick Starr", it was implied that in the future, the two will get back together again and become a couple, who lives together.
  • Jessi Glaser - Jessi is the only person who Natalie actually has a thorough and true friendship with as Jessi is the only person who understands her gender identity and respects it. In "The Hugest Period Ever", Natalie helped Jessi in a time of distress, when she had a massive period. Although Natalie couldn't relate to the problem herself, she still worked with Jessi to get her some Regular Tampons to help her stop the flow. In "Poop Madness", Natalie and Jessi exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch over the school year. However, Natalie was bluntly honest, when she said she'd slowly and gradually just stop texting her after a couple of weeks.


  • Milk - before she transitioned, she hated Milk just like everybody else and pissed in his drink and made him drink it. When she became Natalie, Milk asked some stupid questions about her gender and brought up his dad's friend, Bob Reedy, which only made her hate him even more.
  • Roland - Roland is a real nuisance to Natalie, telling her that she needs to start acting like a "real girl" by dressing differently and acting differently.

Hormone Monsters/Supernatural Beings

  • Tito - Tito embodies Natalie's anxiety and causes her to freak out, whenever people treat her differently for being trans. Tito actually makes her feel as though the oppression she goes through is somewhat her own fault and sadly, Natalie doesn't always do a good job at ignoring her.
  • Gavin - Gavin used to be Natalie's hormone monster back when she was still identifying as a guy. Gavin saw her femininity as a weakness or a fluke and thought that if he just forced her through some male puberty, he would make her start acting more like a man and put all this girliness behind her. she got sick of dealing with Gavin's bullshit and went on hormone blockers to block him out, thereby completely incapacitating him as a hormone monster. Gavin has officially left her and it is unknown who Natalie's hormone monster is today, if she even has one.
  • Freddie Mercury - pre-transition, Natalie assumed that the reason she was acting so girly was because she was gay. She was visited by the ghost of Freddie Mercury, who sang a song with her about her sexual identity in a pretty much beat by beat recreation of Freddie's encounter with Andrew. However, like with Andrew, Natalie came to the conclusion that she wasn't gay. She was just a girl trapped in a boy's body.
  • Walter Las Palmas - Before becoming her lovebug, Walter loathed Natalie for how poorly she treated Yara, (who happened to be his client). He called her "Shitrag". However, when Natalie started spending more time with Yara during her final days, Walter came to understand how Natalie was actually not that bad of a person and she just didn't understand Yara until then. In "It's Almost Over", Natalie grieved over the loss of Yara, proving that she actually did love her after all. This act of love caused Walter to become visible to her, which was completely out of his control. Since then, Walter has been a great friend to Natalie and has shown respect for her as her lovebug, albeit still calling her "Shitrag" as an affectionate nickname, which Natalie doesn't seem to mind at all.

Episode Appearances

Big Mouth

Human Resources


  • When Natalie first started noticing she possessed feminine qualities, she just assumed she was gay before officially discovering she was a girl trapped in a boy's body.
    • This is a normal feeling that transgender people feel before the find out who they identify as.
  • The summer before transitioning, she pissed in Milk's cup and tricked him into drinking it.
  • In "Nick Starr", Natalie was shown as a middle-aged woman in the future, living with Seth Goldberg.
  • In "Rutgers is for Lovers", Natalie's parents, Amir and Nabilah are introduced, who are Middle Eastern and Caucasian, respectively, making Natalie a mixed race Eurasian.
    • Specifically, Natalie is of Lebanese descent as this is where her paternal grandparents, Yara and Wassim are from.
    • Since Natalie comes from a Muslim family, it can be inferred that she is a Muslim, albeit non-practicing.