Mr. Terry Lizer is a teacher at Bridgeton Middle School. He is a brilliant and well-spoken man, but is also very rude and condescending to his co-workers (mainly Coach Steve). He is also very misogynistic and rather creepy as well, being known to disrespect female students and occasionally make brief but very noticable sexual passes at a number of them. In "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!", he was fired.


In "Everybody Bleeds", Mr. Lizer was one of the teachers that went on the field trip to The Statue of Liberty. He was very rude to Coach Steve the entire time, calling him out on his stupidity every time he said something stupid. He educated people on the history of The Statue of Liberty, explaining how it was created by the French and then given to America. He also mentioned the history of Thanksgiving and talked about how that day is practically a celebration of how white people caused a Native American genocide and stole their land. Lola swooned over Mr. Lizer and talked about how dreamy he was.

In "Girls Are Horny Too", Jessi went to school wearing the Mega Volumizer to get attention from the boys. However, she also got attention from Mr. Lizer, which really disturbed her.

In "What Is It About Boobs?",

In "Girls Are Angry Too", Mr. Lizer stops the slut walk and punishes all the girls for dressing the way they are. He sends all the slutty girls to go into his room and also instructs them to not change out of their slutty clothes.

In "Rankings", Lola admitted that she thought Mr. Lizer was hot enough to put on her list of hot guys, much to the disgust of the other girls.

In "The ASSes", Mr. Lizer monitored the ASSes. When Jessi asked for more time to take the test, Mr. Lizer got annoyed and cussed at her under his breath.

In "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!", he starts an inappropriate relationship with Lola Skumpy, then gets fired when Andrew tells Jessi about it.

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