Monica Foreman-Greenwald is the mother of Missy Foreman-Greenwald and the wife of Cyrus Foreman-Greenwald.


Not much is known about Monica's early life. She mentions to be raised Jewish but no longer practices the faith as an adult. After marrying Cyrus, the couple combined their last names.

In I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah, she and Cyrus don't believe Missy is ready to be in a relationship yet. They leave with Missy and she says goodbye to Andrew.  

After overhearing Jessi and Missy talk about body image issues in What Is It About Boobs?, she offers to take them to the Korean Spa. At the spa she proudly displays her naked body and tells them they're beautiful just the way they are. She introduces them to many different women who have also embraced their imperfections. A song takes place about the ladies loving their naked bodies. Jessi and Missy join in after being hesitant at first. 

In Drug Buddies, Nick and Jessi go over to Missy's house. Monica invites them in and was unaware that they we're high on marijuana. Later on, Nick gets an hallucination due to the weed. 

In Girls Are Angry Too, Missy struggles on deciding to wear either a slutty outfit or her regular overalls. Monica tells her it's her choice to wear whatever she wants. 


She has long, graying brown hair. She wears small, round glasses. She doesn't shave her armpits or dyes her hair as she isn't too concerned about her appearance and is happy with how she looks. She also doesn't wear bras.


Monica acts like a peaceful 1960's hippie woman. She is a laid back, progressive woman as well as a caring and supportive mother.

Episode Appearances


  • She doesn't wear bras and the only reason she has them is so she can burn them for protests while her husband likes to put radishes in them and he likes to wear them as well.
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