It's time to give Lars the pink slip and give Nick the pink slit.
—Mona in Super Mouth

Mona is a Hormone Monstress who makes her debut in "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!" as Missy Foreman-Greenwald's new hormone monstress (replacing Connie).

She is voiced by Thandie Newton.


Mona is a daffodil-colored hormone monster with short cut bright cream hair that has faint yellow streaks in it that are the same color of her skin. She has two long horns, ocean and teal eyes, and vibrant taffy pink lips. She also has grayish cedar fur on her body that covers her arms, legs and boobs.


Mona has a chaotic influence who is often seen holding a lighter in her hand.


Mona first appeared in "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!" when she became Missy Foreman-Greenwald's hormone monstress and Mona snuck up on Missy while she was singing in the shower and introduced herself. Mona convinced Missy to act more assertive toward Nick Birch and really go all out with sexually harassing him in the play. Missy initially feared this would make Lars (Missy's current boyfriend) jealous but Mona eventually got her to get over that. Sure enough, Lars got jealous just like Missy feared. Later on, Missy straight up kissed Nick and started to fall in love with him, making Mona's manipulation of her sexuality work like a charm.

In "Super Mouth", Mona officially convinced Missy to dump Lars and go out with her new love interest, Nick, instead. She pitched the idea of her breaking up with Lars, going out with Nick and lying about the timeline so that nobody would know that Missy kissed Nick, while she was still dating Lars. However, this plan failed and Missy was outed as a cheater.



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