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It's time to give Lars the pink slip and give Nick the pink slit.
—Mona in Super Mouth

Mona is Missy's new hormone monstress, replacing Connie. She first appeared in "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!". She is voiced by Thandie Newton.


Mona first appeared in "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!" when she became Missy Foreman-Greenwald's hormone monstress and Mona snuck up on Missy while she was singing in the shower and introduced herself. Mona convinced Missy to act more assertive toward Nick Birch and really go all out with sexually harassing him in the play. Missy initially feared this would make Lars (Missy's current boyfriend) jealous but Mona eventually got her to get over that. Sure enough, Lars got jealous just like Missy feared. Later on, Missy straight up kissed Nick and started to fall in love with him, making Mona's manipulation of her sexuality work like a charm.

In "Super Mouth", Mona officially convinced Missy to dump Lars and go out with her new love interest, Nick, instead. She pitched the idea of her breaking up with Lars, going out with Nick and lying about the timeline so that nobody would know that Missy kissed Nick, while she was still dating Lars. However, this plan failed and Missy was outed as a cheater.

In "The New Me", Mona briefly appeared during the recap song and although she had no dialogue, Missy sang about how great of a hormone monstress she was.

In "The Hugest Period Ever", Mona took a liking to Missy's cousins, Lena and Quinta an convinced Missy to start acting more like them, seeing this as a good way for her to embrace her inner bitch. Mona later claims that she abuses her grandmother via Munchhausen syndrome by proxy. A gross old lady hormone monster named Celeste shows up but Mona clarifies that this is not her grandmother.

In "A Very Special 9/11 Episode", Mona encourages Missy to stray from the field trip and hang out with DeVon so that she can further indulge in her African roots. She was very proud of Missy when she lashed out at Devin for insulting her hair and applauded her for her bravery when she cursed her out in front of everybody.

In "Horrority House", Mona tried to get Missy to wear a slutty costume for Halloween but she refused. Mona was approached by Maury that night and he hit on her but Mona wanted nothing to do with him and told him to fuck off with the threat that she'd use her iconic lighter to light him on fire. When the hormone monsters got to KKK, Mona stood around with Maury, Connie, and Rick. Mona said that she treats interventions like escape rooms because whenever people tell her to stop doing alcohol, she escapes the room. Maury accidentally activated the moving bookcase and all four of the hormone monsters got locked in the walls and weren't heard from until the end of the episode, where they managed to escape after a big adventure.


Mona is a daffodil-colored hormone monster with short cut bright cream hair that has faint yellow streaks in it that are the same color of her skin. She has two long horns, ocean and teal eyes, and vibrant taffy pink lips. She also has grayish cedar fur on her body that covers her arms, legs and boobs.


Mona has a chaotic influence who is often seen holding a lighter in her hand. She wants her client to stop being a goody two-shoes little nice girl and start being a badass bitch like her.



  • Missy Foreman-Greenwald - Missy is Mona's client and Mona wants to help Missy to stop hiding in the shadows and come out of her shell to become a more brazen and unhinged bitch so that she can truly express herself and be who she really is deep down.

Hormone Monsters

  • Connie - Mona is friends with Connie and finds her somewhat sexually attractive. She's made several sexual passes at Connie and exhibited a thirst for sex that's too much even for Connie, sending the latter running in fear and calling her "crazy".
  • Maury - Mona hates Maury because he's always hitting on her and she's not interested. She threatens to mutilate him every time he talks to her but this only turns him on more.
  • Rick - Mona finds Rick gross and annoying, just like everybody else.
  • Celeste - Mona takes care of the senile and decrepit old Celeste by driving her from place to place and helping to remind her of where she is.

Episode Appearances


  • Mona is one of the few hormone monsters who is only visible to her client and her client alone.
  • Mona abuses her grandmother via Munchhausen syndrome by proxy.
  • Mona is an alcoholic who refuses to get sober. In "Horrority House", she mentioned escaping every intervention she was ever faced with.
  • In "A Very Special 9/11 Episode", she reveals she lost her virginity to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.