Andrew Glouberman

At first the two developed genuine feelings for each other as seen when Andrew fantasizes about her. As time went on it grew into love. They made out in the closet before this was cut short as the two were unsure of what they were doing and after their parents disapproved of their relationship they subsequently broke up. An event that would haunt Andrew.

As time went on Andrew became more obsessed with Missy and continuously tried to win her affections. This obsession eventually turned into possessiveness when he tried desperately to win her over only for Missy to tell him that she is no longer in love with him due to his aggressive behavior and his possessiveness of Missy. This ended up saddening Andrew greatly.

Nick Birch

Missy and Nick do not interact as much, but seem to have a genuine respect for one another. While playing truth or kiss Missy and Nick must kiss and while they show no attraction to one another they politely do so. On Discloser the Movie: The musical, Missy and Nick kiss and date for a short period of time much to Andrew and Lar’s dismay. On Super Mouth it is revealed that Nick doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards Missy and him kissing her was due to the excitement of the musical. Andrew has fully accepted the fact that Missy and Nick are dating until he reveals his true feelings towards her. Andrew forces Nick to tell the truth to Missy, who is devastated and heartbroken.

Jessi Glaser

Jessi and Missy have a strong friendship and often hang out with one another. Missy is treated like a little sister to Jessi who is often the one to correct her when she is wrong. She is also quite protective of her as seen when Devin and Lola make fun of her during their sleepover. Missy is generally the calm and collected girl to Jessi's fiery personality.

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