Missy Foreman-Greenwald is one of the main characters in Big Mouth, and a close friend of Andrew, Jessi and Nick. She's an emotional and geeky girl with a big heart who's relatively far behind in terms of physical development. She is also the ex-girlfriend of Andrew, and though they have not continued their relationship, it has been revealed that both of them have romantic feelings for each other.


Missy was raised in a progressive and open-minded household, where she was encouraged to get involved in academics (notably the sciences) and to be comfortable with her body and sexuality. At some point in her childhood, she purchased a Glow Worm (who she'd eventually name Mr. Wiggles), who she's had a fondness for since.

She is also assumably the only mixed race character in the main cast: her father is Black and her mother is either White or White-passing.

Physical Appearance

Missy is a short, scrawny girl who's appearance would lead you to believe that she is a couple of years younger than she is in reality. She has thick curly brown hair, large, dark hazel eyes, and a medium-brown complexion. Her clothing style is comfortable as opposed to fashionable, and she usually wears navy blue overalls on top of a bright yellow shirt and matching headband. Despite her conventionally "attractive" appearance, her late start in puberty and geeky demeanour prevent her from being considered popular among the male students in her class.


Missy is a nerdy, talkative and sweet girl with a strong moral compass. Despite her awkwardness and inability to read social cues, she is very intelligent and quick at coming up with solutions. She is also a surprising romantic, constantly carried away with fantasies about her "crushes"; namely, Nathan Fillion, Gustavo and Andrew.