Miss Benitez is the science teacher at Bridgeton Middle School. She is voiced by Rosa Salazar.


In "Requiem for a Wet Dream", she gets Coach Steve to help out at the science fair. She agrees to help him learn how to read. They start off with the alphabet and she tells him he's special. Steve asks how to spell love. They end it by saying they love each other. Before the beginning of the science fair, he proposes to her but she says no. She just wants to be friends to which Steve gladly accepts. They are seen getting married shortly after in Andrew's imagination.

In "The Pornscape", Miss Benitez teaches the class about covalent bonds. Due to his addiction to porn, Andrew has a sexual fantasy about her in class and asks Miss Benitez out loud to spank his ass, which shocks and disturbs her.

In "Dark Side of the Boob", she is outside with her students and tells them to look at the star constellations. Later, she tries to break up a fight between Devin and Gina only to be knocked out by Steve's whiffle ball bat.

In "Rankings", she introduces her class to a new student named Ali. Later when Jay interrupts the announcements, she insists on putting a delay on the morning broadcasts.


Her normal outfit is a pink jacket, a light teal shirt, turquoise pants and pink shoes. She also wears a necklace.


Miss Benitez is one of the few level-headed characters in the series, never acting out of line or doing anything uncivil, which is rare for the faculty of Bridgeton Middle School. In fact, she denounces inappropriate behavior, as seen in "Rankings", when she tried to silence Ali when going in-depth with her description of her sexual orientation and later noting how they should put a delay on the school news broadcasts, after watching Jay come out as a bisexual on television. In "The Pornscape", Andrew shouted at her out loud, to spank his ass in front of the entire class, a sexual pass that Miss Benitez was reasonably disturbed and angered by.

Despite being quick to anger with her students, Miss Benitez is very patient with Coach Steve, as seen in episodes such as "Requiem for a Wet Dream" and "Dark Side of the Boob", where she listen to all of his obnoxious bullshit and didn't get mad once. This is because Miss Benitez understands that Coach Steve is a little bit "special" (as in "retarded"), so she can excuse his anti-social behavior.

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