The Menopause Banshee is the hormone monstress of adult female puberty. She is an old banshee, who torments women, by putting them through menopause. She first appeared in "Florida". She is voiced by Carol Kane.


The Menopause Banshee made her first appearance in "Florida", when she rode her motorcycle up next to the Glouberman car and told Barbara, "The change is coming."

Barbara had a hot flash when at her father-in-law's house and had to go outside for some cold air, where the Menopause Banshee showed up again. The Menopause Banshee, floating in a whirlwind of coldness. There, she properly introduced herself as The Menopause Banshee and told Barbara that she had better get ready for her. Barbara was horrified and tried to reject her becoming part of his life.

The Menopause Banshee showed up again, during the Passover Seder to tell Barbara that Andrew was in love with Cheryl, although Barbara didn't seem to catch that last part.

When The Glouberman Family was escaping Florida, a massive tidal wave came crashing in and Barbara had to part it so that they wouldn't drown. She did so by accepting the fact that The Menopause Banshee was becoming part of her life and embracing her powers to part the tidal wave. Since then, The Menopause Banshee has remained as Barbara's adult hormone monstress.

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