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Vive la France! Let them eat cock!
—Maury Beverly in Obsessed

Maurice "Maury" Beverley[1] the Hormone Monster is a hormone monster that represents male puberty. He assists teenage boys in going through puberty. He serves as the hormone monster to Andrew Glouberman and later on, Matthew MacDell. He embodies an adolescent male's constant sexual urges and desires as well as their rapidly changing emotions. Maury's job is to convince his clients to act on their pubescent urges but he often gets ignored due to some of his sexual suggestions being far too inappropriate, disgusting, or illegal. He first appeared in "Ejaculation". He is voiced by Nick Kroll.



According to Maurice, he was born in the Archean eon during the Earth's formation, when a Giant Alien fucked the planet, which caused a bunch of lakes and lava pools to start forming. A volcano blasted a bunch of fireballs into a lake, which caused them to start bubbling. From that bubbling water, rose Maurice the Hormone Monster. This story was told in "Requiem for a Wet Dream" but it's not likely that this is true. This would mean that Maurice is the same age as the Earth, although he claimed to be 70,000,000+ years old, which isn't very close to when the Earth started forming.

Romantic Life

Maurice met Connie somewhere during the early ages of Earth. It is unknown how old Connie is or when exactly they first met but it had to have been over 280,000,000 years ago, as they shared their first kiss during the Pangaea era.

It was mentioned in "The Head Push", however, that he and Connie had their first kiss during the beginning of the Ice Age, when "the dinosaurs left on their spaceships".


Around 7,000,000 years ago, Maury started working as a hormone monster for human men.

Current Life

He is currently Andrew's hormone monster that he constantly talks to. He mainly appears whenever Andrew is horny, or just needs someone to talk to about being horny or sex. As mentioned in "My Furry Valentine", Maury first appeared in Andrew's life, when he was watching the movie Must Love Dogs and got his first boner from seeing Diane Lane in a revealing spaghetti strap dress. He also serves as Matthew's hormone monster as we first hear mention of in the episode "Am I Gay?" but don't fully see in action until "My Furry Valentine".

In "Ejaculation", Maury first made his debut when she showed up during Andrew's health class to antagonize him with a boner and force him to leave in the middle of class to go jerk off int he bathroom, which Andrew didn't really want. This must have been early on in Andrew's adolescent journey because at this time, Andrew refused to believe that Maury actually existed and thought of him as just a figment of his imagination. Andrew had a sleepover at his best friend, Nick's house and while there, Maury convinced Andrew to jerk off, while sleeping right next to his friend. Andrew felt very dirty about doing this, especially as he was jerking off his Nick's grandmother's grandfather clock and imagining it as his dad's assistant, Susan, but Maury pushed him to do such a thing. Andrew jizzed his sheets and asked Maury for help cleaning it but Maury fucked him over and left, telling him to sleep in it and called him a sick fuck. At Bridgeton Middle School, Andrew and Nick got mad and fought with each other. Maury fueled Andrew's rage and got him to cuss out Nick and unfriend him in front of everybody. At the school dance, Maury convinced Andrew to dance with his love interest, Missy but pushed him to get some friction going and made him cum his pants with her. Missy didn't know what was going on but Andrew had to rush to the bathroom and wash his pants in the toilet out of embarrassment. Maury, as usual, didn't help him but Nick came in and after hearing what happened, lent him his own pants to wear. Nick went back to the dance in his underwear so that Andrew could finish his date with Missy, signifying that their friendship was back on. That night, they had another sleepover just like old times. Somehow, Nick was able to see Maury come into the room, despite him not being his hormone monster. Nick learned about Maury and after being mistaken for a puberty fairy, Maury told him that he was Andrew's hormone monster, explained his deal, and gave Andrew a nocturnal emission.

In "Everybody Bleeds", Maury tormented Andrew as usual, telling him to tell Nick to send a dick pic to Jessi, telling him to sit next to Missy, after reminding him about how he jizzes his pants at the school dance, telling Andrew to get mad at Nick again for ditching him, and also making some really weird comments about girls having periods after Andrew witnessed what happened to Jessi that day.

In "Am I Gay?", Maury was paged when Andrew got a boner from watching The Rock and assumed this meant he was gay. To ensure this was true, Maury gave Andrew a gay test and the results came up positive. Andrew was gay. Maury tried to get Andrew into watching internet porn and led to his computer getting spammed. Maury revealed that he had a past, working as a fellow rock star of Joe Walsh. When Nick and Andrew kissed, Andrew felt nothing, meaning that he wasn't gay after all but Maury insisted that Andrew to try pin Nick to the ground and rape him.

In "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", Maury went with Andrew to Jay's house for a sleepover and when Jay told the detailed story of how he fucks his pillow, Maury was amazed and saw him as somewhat of a genius, writing down this sexual experience for himself. During the sleepover, Nick punched Andrew in the face and have him a nosebleed and Maury got extremely enraged and got glowing red eyes and demanded Andrew to beat the fucking shit out of Nick. This episode was the first time when Maury broke the fourth wall, asking the audience if they were binge-watching the show. He reminded them of a running gag from the previous episode and gave them a taste of what's in store for the next episode. Maury needed Andrew to press his nipple as the start button for the video game where they escape the house. After escaping the house, Maury revealed to Andrew that he stole The Italian Stallion from Jay's abusive brothers, Val and Kurt and they kept it for themselves.

In "Girls Are Horny Too", Maury apparently figured out for the first time ever that girls were just as sexually promiscuous as boys are, which came as such a surprise to even a long-time hormone monster such as himself, that his head exploded. Maury joined Andrew, Nick, and Jay on their adventure in learning more about this subject and strongly admired Jay's dedication to figuring this phenomenon out but as usual, only Andrew was capable of directly responding to anything Maury said or did.


Maury has somewhat of a heart-shaped head with brown hair covering it everywhere except for the face. He has bushy eyebrows and green eyes. His entire body is green and he has hair covering both his forearms and his lower body. He has a tail that looks like one of a deer or a rabbit and has dark green hoofs. His nose is also shaped like a penis.


Maury is a sex-crazed monster that talks to Andrew and Matthew about masturbating and sexual intercourse. He gives into Andrew's sexual desires and usually tells him what and what not to do with situations. He seems to not be turned off by anything and will go to any lengths to get Andrew to jack off. Maury is always convincing Andrew to act on his sexual urges and even sometimes his emotional rage, no matter how much trouble he'll get into if he does and although Andrew ignores him most of the time, sometimes he lets Maury get to him and winds up getting himself grounded, made fun of, sent to detention, and occasionally arrested. As the invisible-to-everybody-else hormone monster he is, Maury never gets in any trouble for this himself despite being the one who caused this all to happen in the first place. Maury's sexual urges are so gross that not even his clients think that way, as he'll constantly fantasize about people's moms going down on their daughters or take pleasure from the idea of raping young teenagers and children. Maury is obsessed with sex and sees every single thing in the world, no matter how innocent, as something that can easily be linked to sex or genitalia. Despite his job as a hormone monster and his relationship with his clients technically being a professional workplace relationship, Maury is more of a friend to his clients than anything. He loves playing and having fun with his clients and always has the time to just chill out, goof around, and chat with his clients, getting to know them as people before going to work with them as business partners. This helps him bond with his clients much better and more easily help them go through puberty, as he knows the kind of person he's working with. Maury cares for a bunch of furry sentient penises as pets, who he carries around with him all the time and occasionally brings out for a joke or two.



Hormone Monsters

  • Connie - Maury and Connie go way back. They're an on & off power couple, that goes in an out of bickering, being friends, and having rough sex. At the end of the day, they're friends more than anything and side by side, they work together in solidarity. In "The Head Push", Maury and Connie needed to work together as business partners to help their respective clients, Andrew and Missy make out in the closet in a sexually relieving way. By doing so, Maury and Connie ended up driving themselves crazy and having some rough sex right there in the office.
  • Rick - Maury finds Rick rather disgusting and retarded but overtime, he's managed to grow accustomed to him and has even started to see him as a friend.
  • Lorraine - Maury hits on Lorraine and thinks she's kind of cute.
  • Tyler - Tyler looks up to Maury and sees him as somewhat of an unofficial mentor. Maury finds Tyler kind of annoying but he knows that he needs to be a responsible educator and let him under his wing, so he can help him be a better hormone monster.
  • Mona - Maury is mostly good friends with Mona but she can scare him sometimes with her brazen attitude and her tendency to take things way too far even for him.


  • Andrew Glouberman - Maury has been Andrew's client for 18 months, according to Andrew. Maury and Andrew have built a friendship between each-other.
  • Matthew MacDell - It was introduced that Matthew's hormone monster is Maury, where he was first seen in the episode My Furry Valentine.
  • Duke Ellington - In "Pillow Talk", Maury exhibited a long-time friendship with the ghost of Duke Ellington. They were so familiar with each other that they had a secret handshake and everything. Apparently, Maury owed him seven dollars for an event that happened way back but Maury nervously weaseled his way out of giving it to him. The exact origin of their relationship was unknown before the episode "Duke revealed that back in the 1900's, Maury was Duke's hormone monster, while he was a teenager and together, they went through all the ups and down of puberty, just like he did with all his other clients.

Other Friends

  • Nick Birch - Nick and Maury are mostly an acquaintance, but Maury doesn't have a soft spot to Nick. He finds Nick annoying and mostly agrees with Andrew about everything. In "The Pornscape", Nick said that he was ready for puberty and really wanted Maury to be his hormone monster but Maury really hated the idea of working with him and went through great lengths to avoid him. During a job interview with Maury, Nick demonstrated little to no knowledge in what it feels like to have an orgasm so his application for Maury's client was declined. In Poop Madness, it was seen that he did have a soft spot for Nick for feeling bad for him.
  • Jay Bilzerian - Although Jay has no idea Maury exists, due to him not being his hormone monster, Maury is fully aware of Jay and sort of lives among him. Maury absolutely adores Jay and sees him as a genius because of all the obscure sexual things he does as seen in "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", and Maury sort of considers Jay a friend, despite him not knowing about him, as displayed in "Girls Are Horny Too". The reason Maury doesn't work as his hormone monster remains unclear but as Maury half-joked in "The Department of Puberty", Jay is his own hormone monster.
  • Caleb - Maury said hi to Caleb when he noticed "there's a monster next to you". Deep down, Maury doesn't hold Caleb in high regard because of his failure to read social cues but still sees him as a nice enough person to consider him a benign acquaintance.


  • Gavin - Maury is spitefully envious of Gavin as he's a much more successful and accomplished hormone monster than he is, being able to lead several teenage boys into losing their virginity easily, while Maury has failed to accomplish such a task with any of his clients at least once. Gavin knows he's far better than Maury and makes fun of him for it, creating a rivalry between the two, full of fights that are always won by Gavin.
  • Shame Wizard - Maury doesn't like the Shame Wizard, as he is completely and totally overpowered by him. Whenever The Shame Wizard comes into the picture, Maury breaks down in tears and cries as he goes into hiding and straight up disappears for Andrew's life completely. Maury apparently did have a friendship with him a while back but this ended sometime and now Maury just wants him gone from his life.
  • Brittany MacDell - Maury has an irrational hatred for Brittany and constantly insults and puts her down, calling her things like a "busted bitch" or a "student at ugly school". Despite the fact that she's only 7 years old, Maury still gives her a bunch of profane, sex-related trash talk, which is only really acceptable because Brittany can't see or hear him.


  • Maury's Dicks - Maury adores his dicks. They are basically his little helpers and kids at the same time.


  • His appearance is loosely based on the satyrs and fauns of the Ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. These are mythological creatures with the appearance of men with tails and ears of donkey or goat, small horns on the forehead, flat noses, thick lips, goat legs. In Greek legends, satyrs often attempt to seduce or rape nymphs and mortal women alike, usually with little success. They are also sometimes shown masturbating or engaging in bestiality. Two things that Maury is all about.
  • Maurice claims to have been born when a Giant Alien had sex with the Earth.
  • While Maurice has no actual visible genitalia, he does have a collection of self mobile penises that he carries around.
  • He has a tattoo of Connie's name on his right arm, as revealed in "Ejaculation". He also has a tattoo of Capt'n Crunch on his left arm, as revealed in "The Pornscape". Maury has another tattoo on his lower back reading "I'm with stupid" accompanied by a red arrow pointing at his butthole, as revealed in "Am I Normal?"
  • Maury has had the privilege of being the hormone monster for numerous famous celebrities over the years.
  • In "My Furry Valentine", he said that Matthew was his favourite teen to be a hormone monster for.
  • Maury is mentions in "Ejaculation" that he get sexual involved with men, which suggest that Maury is bisexual. Due to Maury's involvement in representing Matthew's homosexual urges and tendency to demonstrate sexual admiration for male children, it can be more safely assumed that Maury is, indeed, bisexual.
  • In "Birth", Maury celebrates his 40,000,000th birthday. Since this episode took place in the year 2022, it's confirmed that Maury was born in the year 39997978 B.C. (just a few millennia shy of 40 million years before Christ), landing his birth in the upper paleolithic era.


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