I'm the Hormone Monster! I'm not a fairy... I mean sure, I fuck around with dudes but I'm not a fairy.
—Maury to Nick Birch in Ejaculation

Maurice "Maury" Beverley[1] the Hormone Monster is a being that appears during the stages of male human puberty, and can only be seen by people who are going through puberty or people who are done with puberty. He serves as the hormone monster to Andrew Glouberman and later on, Matthew MacDell. He is voiced by Nick Kroll.



According to Maurice, he was born in the Archean eon during the Earth's formation, when a Giant Alien fucked the planet, which caused a bunch of lakes and lava pools to start forming. A volcano blasted a bunch of fireballs into a lake, which caused them to start bubbling. From that bubbling water, rose Maurice the Hormone Monster. This story was told in "Requiem for a Wet Dream" but it's not likely that this is true. This would mean that Maurice is the same age as the Earth, although he claimed to be 70,000,000+ years old, which isn't very close to when the Earth started forming.

Romantic Life

Maurice met Connie somewhere during the eartly ages of Earth. It is unknown how old Connie is or when exactly they first met.

It was mentioned in "The Head Push", however, that he and Connie had their first kiss during the beginning of the Ice Age, when "the dinosaurs left on their spaceships".


Current Life

He is currently Andrew's hormone monster that he constantly talks to. He mainly appears whenever Andrew is horny, or just needs someone to talk to about being horny or sex. He also serves as Matthew's hormone monster as we discover in the episode My Furry Valentine.


Maury has somewhat of a heart-shaped head with brown hair covering it everywhere except for the face. He has bushy eyebrows and green eyes. His entire body is green and he has hair covering both his forearms and his lower body. He has a tail that looks like one of a deer or a rabbit and has dark green hoofs. His nose is also shaped like a penis.


Maury is a sex-crazed monster that talks to Andrew about masturbating and sexual intercourse. He gives into Andrew's sexual desires and usually tells him what and what not to do with situations. He seems to not be turned off by anything and will go to any lengths to get Andrew to jack off.



Hormone Monsters


Other Friends




  • His appearance is loosely based on the satyrs and fauns of the Ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. These are mythological creatures with the appearance of men with tails and ears of donkey or goat, small horns on the forehead, flat noses, thick lips, goat legs. In Greek legends, satyrs often attempt to seduce or rape nymphs and mortal women alike, usually with little success. They are also sometimes shown masturbating or engaging in bestiality. Two things that Maury is all about.
  • Maurice claims to have been born when a Giant Alien had sex with the Earth.
  • While Maurice has no actual visible genitalia, he does have a collection of self mobile penises that he carries around.
  • He has a tattoo of Connie's name on his right arm, as revealed in "Ejaculation". He also has a tattoo of Capt'n Crunch on his left arm, as revealed in "The Pornscape".
  • Maury has had the privilege of being the hormone monster for numerous famous celebrities over the years.
  • In "My Furry Valentine", he said that Matthew was his favorite teen to be a hormone monster for.


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