This is Guy Town. I originally came here to do a story about a lumpy gourd of a boy, but I ended up learning a few things about what it means to be a man. Sometimes being a man means putting the ones you love first, and sometimes it means owning up to your mistakes. Not all men value the same things, and that means you can be any man you want. All you need to do is figure out who you are and be true to yourself.
—Matthew MacDell in Guy Town

Matthew MacDell is a supporting character in Big Mouth. He is the only openly gay character in season 1 whose shtick seems to be appearing from off-screen (or being cut to) and injecting an appropriate quip related to the current conversation.

He is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Matthew has strawberry blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes. He tends to wear a navy blue button-up under a brown sweater-vest, accompanied by white jeans with a brown belt. He's mostly caught frowning and only smiles when necessary. His eyelids are normally half-closed.


Matthew is prone to overt hand gestures and deliberate posturing. He is generally upbeat but can turn hostile in a breath. He is given to clever witticisms and insightful zingers and enjoys delivering them, especially when they are deserved. In spite of his snarky nature, he is supportive of his classmates, offering sound advice when called upon. He shows to be quite sensitive when it comes to being cast aside from the other students because of his sexuality.



Matthew was born in 2004 to Edward MacDell and Kimberly MacDell who grew up in Austin, Texas and he was the first born in a family of two other brothers and two sisters. Matthew's parents were a very conservative and traditionalist couple, who taught their views to their kids. and of course, these values were only amplified by the fact that they lived in Texas.

Ever since he was a kindergartener, Matthew always knew he was into boys. As seen in "Obsessed", Matthew had a celebrity crush on Harry Potter and pretended he was his boyfriend.

Sometime during his childhood, Matthew took up tap dancing and around the same time, had a new celebrity crush on Nick Jonas as seen in "Obsessed".

Other kids at Matthew's school knew he was gay and they would constantly bully him for it, calling him "The Steer Queer".

Sometime during elementary school, The MacDell Family would move from Texas to New York and live in a suburban home in Westchester.

Teenage Years

As a teenager, Matthew attended Bridgeton Middle School who is a lot more openly flamboyant than before. In New York's political climate, none of the other students bully him for his sexual orientation so he's a lot more proud of himself. He does the school's televised morning announcements, which he calls Morning Announcements With Matthew; a work that he treats like an actual news segment. He had become friends with Caleb, who worked as the cameraman for his show.

In "Ejaculation", Matthew befriended Jessi Glaser after seeing how funny she was.

In "Am I Gay?", he hosts the school's gossip broadcast and goads Nick Birch into claiming he had ended his and Jessi's relationship.

In "Guy Town", he trails behind Andrew Glouberman in an attempt to question him about what happened with Lola Skumpy back in her condo. Matthew is also seen to be provoked by a resident of Guy Town and gets into a gay-off with him. The resident suggests being nicer to others, and Matthew decides to give it a shot.

In "Dark Side of the Boob", he tries to be kinder towards others but finds it quite difficult, he also is shown as an outcast from others because of his sexuality.

In "Smooch or Share", he is constantly persecuted and shamed for being the only gay student in the grade by both his classmates and the Shame Wizard. Later on in the episode, he offers a better sleeping spot in the teacher's lounge to Jay Bilzerian, who refuses to go after the Shame Wizard tells him that Matthew just wants to get laid. By the end of the episode, Matthew and Jay share a kiss after playing Nick's new game, 'Smooch or Share.'

In "My Furry Valentine", Matthew meets Aiden, another openly gay boy from another school and the two quickly become boyfriends. Proud of Matthew for making such a quick first boyfriend, Maury admits that Matthew is his favorite kid.



  • Edward MacDell - Edward is Matthew's father who is afraid to come out to his dad, so he pretends that he's straight in front of him. He believes it works better for both of them because he doesn't have to deal with his father's homophobia and his father can believe that his son is straight.
  • Kimberly MacDell - Kimberly is Matthew's mother who is very kind to his mother and compliments her on her clothes. Kimberly is oblivious to the fact that Matthew is gay as he has not come out to her.


  • Jessi Glaser - Matthew and Jessi are best friends where he first befriended her after thinking she was funny in "Ejaculation". The two of them get along well because they're both sarcastic and share a sardonic wit to their characters. They like making fun of other people, as seen in "Requiem for a Wet Dream", when they made fun of Jay Bilzerian. As hinted in "My Furry Valentine", Jessi has a mild attraction for Matthew and is somewhat disappointed that a guy as perfect as him is gay.
  • Caleb - Caleb is the cameraman for Morning Announcements With Matthew, so Matthew and Caleb are co-workers, who've become friends.
  • Andrew Glouberman - In "Am I Gay?", Andrew turned to Matthew for advice, when he suspected he might have been gay. Matthew was very kind and helpful to Andrew, helping him understand his sexuality.
  • Jay Bilzerian - In "Smooch or Share", Matthew and Jay kissed each other in a game of "Scooch or Share".

Love Interests

Hormone Monsters

  • Maury - Maury is Matthew's hormone monster, who helps him with going through puberty. Maury is useful in helping Matthew with coming to terms with his sexuality and finding a boyfriend. However, Maury has a bit of a problem with constantly suggesting that Matthew commit suicide.

Episode Appearances


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