Marty Globerman is Andrew Glouberman‘s dad and husband of Barbara Glouberman. He first appears in episode one: Ejaculation.

Personality and Appearance

Marty Glouberman wears a blue cardigan over a white polo shirt, black trousers and brown dress shoes, as well as a pair of grey-framed glasses. He also occasionally wears a suit. Marty has unresolved anger issues, and a strange addiction to scallops, despite the fact that they give him violent diarrhea. While he may come off as an aggresive jerk, he also deeply cares about his wife Barbara and his son Andrew. despite not showing it. There are even times when he gives words of wisdom, lecturing Greg on what it means to be a successful man, and giving Nick Birch valueable romantic advice.


Marty met his wife, Barbara, in the late 80's, when she hit his car from behind.  A few years later, they became married and Barbara became pregnant. They both decided on the name "Andrew" after Marty tried using the name in different tones.