Lotte Jansen is the twin sister of Mila Jansen. She and her sister are two pretty Dutch girls from The Netherlands, who are known for their rich and sexually progressive culture. Lotte is distinguishable from her sister because of her dress, which is green (later red), while Mila's is blue. Mila and Lotte are both voiced by Nick Kroll and they made their first appearances in "Smooch or Share".


In "Smooch or Share", Lotte and Mila make their first appearances, having just recently transferred to Bridgeton Middle School. When Nick invents the game "Smooch or Share", he is quick to invite them to join, for the sole purpose of kissing them. Lotte says that back in The Netherlands, they had their own version of smooch or scare, which is played with a wheel of gouda cheese. There is no way of telling who it lands on but it's not important because the point of the game is for everybody to kiss everybody and later get a slice of cheese. This is a game that students played in kindergarten.

Lotte and Mila had no problem with the idea of Andrew paying Nick to masturbate.

Lotta and Mila were both surprised by the fact that other people could see The Shame Wizard, as they had previously assumed that they were the only ones who could see him. Mila also adds that in The Netherlands, they called him "Father Shame".

Lotte told Nick that he had a small penis, but his confidence made up for it because it was so appealing.


  • In Season 2, Lotte's dress was green but in Season 3, her dress color was changed to red.
  • As of "Rankings", she wears a short black wig so she can match her sister.
  • She and Mila might be cannibals, as they plan to feast on their classmates at Devin and DeVon's wedding.
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