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I could walk until I was vaccinated.
—Lars in Everybody Bleeds

Lars is a recurring character in Big Mouth. He is a cynical paraplegic who moves around in a motorized rascal.


Lars is a 7th grader in Bridgeton Middle School. He is paralyzed from the waist down, causing him to have to utilize a wheelchair. In Everybody Bleeds, he says that he could walk until he was vaccinated, although it is unknown if that was the direct cause of his paralysis.


Lars has a prominently portly physique. He has red hair, hazel eyes, and uses a wheelchair.


Lars can be seen as someone serious and calm

and smart but In Dark Side Of The Boob he can be seen being nosy and making comments when Nick touched Gina Tits, In the Episode My Furry Valentine he's a Victim of Andres's Jealousy and tries to reason that he and missy They are just friends and then Andrew pulls him out of his electric wheelchair. In Cellsea (episode) he is still resentful of Andrew and does not accept his apologies, In Disclosure the Movie: The Musical! he is seen being sexist with Missy saying that afterwards the play is not dressed like that and also making misogynistic comments like telling missy that she has a bitch outfit. In Super Mouth he is seen jealous of nick for kissing missy and tries to confront him and at graduation he attacks nick and imposes that missy is hers showing his machismo and possessiveness and at the end they end their relationship and missy is hurt with him and nick and andrew.

Episode Appearances


  • In "Everybody Bleeds", he revealed that he used to be able to walk and only became crippled when he got vaccinated.
  • Up until "What Is It About Boobs?", he was unnamed, referred to only as "Wheelchair Kid".
  • Lars talks directly to Maurice in "What Is It About Boobs?", telling him not to worry about being crippled, meaning that either Maurice is his hormone monster or Lars can break the laws of physics and see hormone monsters that aren't his.
    • This would make Lars the second character to notice hormone monsters, with the first being Caleb.
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