The Ladybug is a recurring joke character in Big Mouth. He is a talking ladybug who talks like a black guy. He spies on the kids and constantly pops up in various episodes to break the Fourth Wall, commenting on what's going on. He first appeared in "Everybody Bleeds". He is voiced by Nick Kroll.


In "Everybody Bleeds", the ladybug popper out from under the cup of an acorn, watching in anticipation as Nick and Jessi were about to officially announce whether or not they were a couple. The ladybug boarded the school bus, riding on the back of Lars' wheelchair. Later, it became public knowledge that Jessi had her first period the ladybug appeared to note that Jessi wore white pants. He later told the audience that he got off the bus by riding on Missy's backpack.

In "Guy Town", Andrew vomited in a simplehuman trashcan, while riding in the back of a truck. The ladybug said that it was a real shame that such a nice trashcan got ruined. The ladybug told the audience that he was back and added that his lifespan is unclear, explaining why he's still alive. Later, the ladybug sat on the doorknob to Guy Town and told Andrew that he was listening to how he ate burrata with tomato and peach and said that he thought it sounded delicious.

In "My Furry Valentine", the ladybug appeared in Matthew's room and commented on the fact that Matthew and Maurice were talking about pussy. The ladybug told the audience that if this content made them uncomfortable, then they'd better get used to it because this was a double-length episode. Later, he appeared in Jay's house and commented on how Jay was torn between two lovers. He added that he was a single father, raising two stepchildren after his lover died. Later, Elliot and Diane said that Nick was growing up. The ladybug was spying on them and said that the world would be a better place if there was just a little more pussy eating and announced that he was running for president in the 2020 election.

At the end of "Girls Are Angry Too", the ladybug broke the fourth wall to say that Season 3 was going to be crazy. He specifically pointed out the upcoming episode title "How To Have An Orgasm". The ladybug got very personal and described his sexual kink. His kink is drinking a bottle of rosé and being choked-out by his wings.

Episode Appearances

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