Nice, third person threat.
Judd Birch in The Head Push

Judd Birch is a supporting character in Big Mouth. He is the son of Elliot Birch and Diane Birch and the oldest brother of Leah Birch and Nick Birch.


Judd is a tall and lean young man with dyed black hair (naturally brown) that is shaved along the sides an back with blue-dyed edges and dark dirty green eyes.

Judd's most common seen outfit consists of a dark grey t-shirt, black pants with the legs rolled up some, a pair of white high-top Converse and a single red bracelet he wears on his right wrist.


Judd is known for having a dark outlook on life who matches the emo stereotype. He does not like to spend time or socialize with anyone; he prefers to do whatever he does alone. He is pretty negative and does not like to specify much about himself. Judd is a self-described "agent of chaos", as mentioned in "Obsessed". He desires destruction and wants madness and disarray to plague the world for really no reason at all.



In "The Planned Parenthood Show", a flashback showed Judd when he was just a toddler. Judd proved to be a troubled child, from the very start, as he was seen lighting Leah Birch's ponytail on fire.

Current Life

Judd is a horribly behaved delinquent who disobeys his parents, breaks the rules at school that he even gets into trouble with the police. Judd is known for his crimes of pyromania, theft, vandalism, alcoholism, drug abuse and throwing wild parties, while his parents are away.

In "The Head Push", Judd and Leah Birch throw a huge high school party while Elliot Birch and Diane Birch go out on a double date with Marty Glouberman and Barbara Glouberman where Judd spied on Nick Birch the entire party.

In "How To Have An Orgasm", Judd becomes the love interest of Jessi Glaser after he hopped a liquor store, but he rejects her due to her being far too young for him in "Rankings".



  • Nick Birch - Judd is always torturing, abusing and insulting Nick, making every day of his life a living nightmare. Judd will do things like beat Nick up, call him names like "Retard"/"Faggot"/"Retarded Faggot" and hire Raccoons to kill him. Whenever Nick is in a time of desperation or things are going terrible for him in his life, Judd will laugh at him, really kicking him while he's down. Despite horribly tormenting Nick in such cruel and heinous ways, he has admitted that he does not "hate" him the way he hates others, in "The Head Push", because as he says "He's his brother." Deep down, Judd actually cares for his brother and loves him dearly, but he just doesn't show it every day at the risk that he may come across as a pussy. While it's true that Judd laughs at Nick, when things are going wrong for him, he also sympathizes with him from time to time. In the aforementioned episode, Judd felt bad for Nick, when he blew his chances with losing his virginity to Tallulah Levine and said "I just want to watch the world burn and for my little brother to get his dinger wet."
  • Leah Birch - Although not to to the same extent as Nick, Judd occasionally bullies and abuses Leah where a flashback shows a young Judd lighting Leah's hair on fire ("The Planned Parenthood Show"). Because Leah is part of his family, it's safe to say that he actually does care for her the way he does for Nick. Judd's behaviour appears to disturb Leah less than it does Nick, likely because she's had more time to get used to his ways. In "The Head Push", Judd buys Leah wine for her party, and after she is sexually assaulted by Daniel, Judd slashes his tires. However, this was not with the intent of avenging his sister, as he did this to every car in the parking lot. Despite this, Leah still considered Judd's actions to be "sweet" and thanked him for it.

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