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Please, retarded faggot. I wanna tell you something serious.
Judd Birch in The Head Push

Judd Birch is a supporting character in Big Mouth. He is the son of Elliot Birch and Diane Birch and the oldest brother of Leah Birch and Nick Birch.



In "The Planned Parenthood Show", a flashback showed Judd when he was just a toddler. Judd proved to be a troubled child, from the very start, as he was seen lighting Leah Birch's ponytail on fire.

Current Life

Judd is a horribly behaved delinquent who disobeys his parents, breaks the rules at school that he even gets into trouble with the police. Judd is known for his crimes of pyromania, theft, vandalism, alcoholism, drug abuse, and throwing wild parties while his parents are away.

In "Ejaculation", Judd was shown eating dinner at the table with his family and Andrew, who was visiting at the time.

In "Am I Gay?", Judd coldly refused to tell his father anything about how his day went and Elliot happily enjoyed his son's mysterious tone. When Nick announced that he and his girlfriend were just friends now, Judd laughed at Nick for getting dumped. Judd also tried convincing Nick to commit suicide, via immolation.

In "The Head Push", Judd and Leah throw a huge high school party while Elliot and Diane Birch go out on a double date with Marty and Barbara Glouberman. Judd brought the beer for the party and after threatening to kill Nick, while also calling him a few homophobic and ableist slurs, he took a couple beer bottles and went off to go hide in the house's attic and crawl space for the remainder of the party. During this time, Judd was secretly spying on Nick through a series of vents and cleverly placed holes, just so that he could freak him out. When he saw that Nick was hitting it off with Tallulah Levine, he wanted to help his brother get laid by giving him some healthy advice on how to ask out a girl. He also brought up how she's been nicknamed "The Blowjob Machine" at school for supposedly giving all of her boyfriends fellatio. However, Nick made the mistake of bringing this up, while asking her out, which got her pissed off at him because of how she was so sick of these false rumors, started by her ex-boyfriend, Daniel. At the end of the episode, Judd slashed the tires of every single guest at the party, which inadvertently inconvenienced Daniel. Although this technically wasn't intentional, Leah still considered this a very kind gesture of him to piss of her misogynistic ex like that.

In "I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah", Judd and Leah were grounded for throwing their party in the previous episode. Nick on the other hand, was let off the hook because he was younger. Judd was pissed off about Nick getting off easy.

In "Am I Normal?", Judd was in the audience of Nick's basketball game but clearly didn't give a shit about him.

In "What Is It About Boobs?", Elliot retold the story of a time when Judd ran away from home for a while but eventually returned. Judd posed the question, of how does he know that he is the original Judd, suggesting that after Judd ran away, he left forever and he is actually just an impostor replacing him. Elliot told Judd that he believes he's the same Judd that ran away but even if he was an impostor, he'd love him even more.

In "The Planned Parenthood Show", Judd appeared in the story, "Blue Waffle", where he tried to chainsaw Andrew's dick off to cure him of blue waffle, only for Maury to kill him by cutting him in half with a dick sword. Judd, along with all the other murdered people, later came back as a zombie to chase after Andrew and kill him.

In "Drug Buddies", Judd trained a battalion of raccoons but pushed them too far, getting him scratched and sent to the hospital. Judd saw Nick at the hospital, high off his ass and knew he was in trouble so he helped him get home. When he got him home, he covered his tracks by telling his parents that Nick sneezed in a wasp's nest. After this act of kindness, Judd locked Nick in his room and summoned his battalion to raccoons to maul him.

In "The Department of Puberty", Judd called Nick and Andrew "fucking shitheads" and Elliot laughed and complimented Judd for his "wisdom".

In "My Furry Valentine", Judd had his raccoons working as his servants. He spent Valentine's Day in the attic with his girlfriend and he had his raccoons doing work for him, such as serving them food, playing the violin, grinding pepper, and lighting the candles to set the atmosphere. On their date, Judd told his girlfriend that he planned on summoning the raccoons to attack his brother later.

In "How To Have An Orgasm", Judd becomes the love interest of Jessi Glaser, after she sees him robbeing a liquor store. Her love for him is so strong that her vagina began to tingle and get wet for him. At home, Jessi would fantasize about him and rub herself off, while imagining Judd saving her life from snakes in the jungle and taking charge as he whisks her off to a land of love and romance. In contrast, Judd didn't even give Jessi a second thought and really didn't even acknowledge her existence again until "Rankings", when Jessi worked up the courage to ask him out. Judd looked at her funny and told her that she was way too young for him and he saw her as nothing more than just "Nick's friend". Jessi was pretty disappointed but given that Judd was nothing more than a silly crush, she moved on pretty quickly.


In the future, Judd will become the leader of a cult called "Juddstown", wherein the only known followers are his team of raccoons, as seen briefly in "Nick Starr". In the year 2052, Judd, along with everyone else on Earth will die in the apocalypse.


Judd is a tall and lean young man with dyed black hair (naturally brown) that is shaved along the sides and back with blue-dyed edges and dark dirty green eyes. Judd's most common seen outfit consists of a dark grey t-shirt, black pants with the legs rolled up some, a pair of white high-top Converse and a single red bracelet he wears on his right wrist.


Judd is known for having a dark outlook on life who matches the goth stereotype. He does not like to spend time or socialize with anyone; he prefers to do whatever he does alone. He is pretty negative and does not like to specify much about himself. Judd is a self-described "agent of chaos", as mentioned in "Obsessed". He desires destruction and wants madness and disarray to plague the world for really no reason at all. He fashions himself as an anti-establishment insurgent, spray-painting anarchist symbols around the neighborhood and having written at least one political manifesto.

Judd takes enjoyment from torturing his little brother, Nick. He enjoys putting him down and insulting him and whenever he sees his brother in misery, he gets a good laugh and prompts him to kill himself. Judd also likes to attack his brother and put him through pain just for fun. Although it seems that Judd may hate Nick, and even Nick has been confused, Judd doesn't truly hate his brother deep down. He recognizes the importance of family and he honestly cares for Nick's well-being and hopes the best for him in the future. He just likes to fuck with him every now and then. This was exemplified in "The Head Push", when Judd stated himself, "I don't hate you. You're my brother." and gave him some healthy advice on getting in the pants of Tallulah Levine.

In "Drug Buddies", Judd trained a battalion of raccoons to attack his little brother. In "My Furry Valentine", we saw that he made good use of his raccoons and had them do other things, such as serve him and cater to him, on his date with his girlfriend. These raccoons were more than just one-off jokes and would occasionally accompany him, throughout the rest of the series, assisting him in his other endeavors, such as causing crimes and serving him. In "Nick Starr", it was seen that these raccoons are trained to see Judd as some kind of religious idol, explaining their dedication to him.



  • Elliot Birch - Judd is a rebellious teenager, who shows his father little to no respect. Despite this, Elliot still love his son deeply. In "Am I Gay?", Elliot asked Judd about his day and Judd gave him the cold shoulder. Instead of getting upset, Elliot just told Judd that he loved his mysterious nature. In "What Is It About Boobs?", Elliot reminisced about that wonderful time Judd ran away from home and eventually came back. Judd asked his father if he was sure he was the original Judd and not a fake. Elliot said that if he really was an impostor, he'd love him even more.
  • Diane Birch - Judd is a rebellious teenager, who shows his mother little to no respect. Unlike with Elliot, Diane actually plays bad cop with Judd and when she sees that he's done something wrong, she punishes him. In "I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah", Diane grounded Judd for throwing a wild party, while she was away in "The Head Push".
  • Nick Birch - Judd is a very abusive older brother to Nick, constantly insulting and abusing him every chance he gets, mostly calling him a "retarded faggot". Judd likes to kick Nick, while he's down, such as in "Am I Gay?", when he laughed at the fact that Nick had just been dumped by his girlfriend and told him to commit suicide by lighting himself on fire. Judd doesn't actually "hate" Nick though. In "The Head Push", Judd told Nick, himself "I don't hate you. You're my brother", as he gave him some helpful advice on getting into the pants of Tallulah Levine, proving that even though he puts him through Hell every day, deep down, Judd recognized the importance of family and still loves his brother. He just likes to fuck with him from time to time. Another notable act of kindness Judd showed to Nick was in "Drug Buddies", when he saw that Nick was lost after getting high and he helped him get home and also covering his getting high by telling his parents that his eyes were puffy because he sneezed into a wasp's nest. This heartwarming moment was canceled out shortly after, when Judd summoned his raccoons to sneak into Nick's room in the middle of the night and maul him, as he locked him inside.
  • Leah Birch - Judd gets along with Leah the best out of all his family members, as they're both generally in the same boat of teenage rebellion, though Leah is arguably way less "rebellious" than Judd. In "The Head Push", the two worked together to throw a party while their parents were away. Judd also helped Leah by slashing the tires of her misogynistic ex-boyfriend. However, Judd said that he was just slashing everyone's tires for fun and didn't actually intend to help her. Leah still considered this a kind gesture from her brother, nonetheless.


  • Raccoons - Ever since he first trained them in "Drug Buddies", Judd has had a dedicated nursery of trained raccoons, working for him and tending to his every need. Although he initially just trained them to attack his brother, he realized they served so much other purposes, such as serving him food, getting him dressed in the morning like a Disney princess and assisting him in committing crimes, so he kept them around. In "Nick Starr", the raccoons joined a cult called "Juddstown", in which he was the leader. Apparently, Judd is seen as somewhat of a religious figure to the raccoons, which explains their undying respect and dedication to him.

Love Interests

  • Judd's Girlfriend - In "My Furry Valentine", Judd was on a date with an unnamed but equally troubled and punk-gothic girlfriend. The two of them say in the attic and talked about the crimes they like to commit and the other horrible things they like to do.


  • Jessi Glaser - Judd sees Jessi as nothing but "Nick's friend" and doesn't care about her at all. Jessi has a massive crush on him but Judd obviously didn't return her feelings. In "Rankings", Jessi asked him out and he rejected her brutally, not giving a damn about how she'd take it. From then on, Jessi stopped loving Judd and Judd probably didn't even remember a thing about her anymore.
  • Tallulah Levine - Judd is acquaintances with Tallulah at Bridgeton High School. He really doesn't know much about her, other than the false rumors that circumvent the school, that suggest she gives people blowjobs. As such, Judd is one of the many people at the school who refer to her as the nickname, "Tallulah Levine, the Blowjob Machine".

Episode Appearances