This is the clitoris. This is where the party happens. Oh, gosh. Have you ever been electrocuted but in a good way? Okay, it's a very important spot.
—Jessi's Vagina in Girls Are Horny Too

Jessi's Vagina is the anthropomorphic vagina of Jessi Glaser. She first appeared in "Girls Are Horny Too".



Jessi's Vagina was born with Jessi Glaser, making her currently 13 years old. Despite this, she still has the maturity and wisdom of an adult and somehow knows more about sex than Jessi does. Jessi's Vagina remained silent for the first 12 years of her owner's life before the latter started going through puberty, which led to Jessi's Vagina becoming active, talking directly to her, and becoming her friend.

Current Life

Though not technically a physical debut, Jessi's Vagina was first acknowleded in the episode "Everybody Bleeds", blood started coming out of her when Jessi had her first period. This rude awakening was the first sign that Jessi had started puberty. Not long after this, her owner got a visit from Connie, which meant that puberty for Jessi had officially begun.

In "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", Maury breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience that Jessi will be discovering her vagina in the next episode.

Jessi's Vagina would finally make her physical debut in "Girls Are Horny Too" when Connie convinced Jessi to start exploring her body. Jessi used a handheld mirror to see her and Jessi's Vagina introduced herself. Jessi's Vagina was very kind and friendly and quickly became Jessi's friend. Jessi's Vagina taught Jessi about herself and explained the anatomy of her body to her. Jessi's Vagina gave Jessi a tour of her body and explained her anatomy to her. When Jessi's Vagina got to her clitoris, she foreshadowed the fact that she'd be having an orgasm through there, via subtle innuendo. Jessi didn't know what she meant so Jessi's Vagina just told her that it would be very important in the future. After the tour was over, Jessi became educated but also more happily acquainted with her vagina, now being good friends with it.

Jessi's Vagina returned to make her second physical debut in the episode "How To Have An Orgasm".

Jessi's vagina returned to make her third physical appearance in the episode "The Hugest Period Ever", when Jessi a heavier menstrual flow than usual. Jessi's Vagina enjoys the menstrual cycle and suggests swimming without any period products, though Jessi rejects the idea.


Jessi's Vagina is an anthropomorphic rose-colored vulva vestibule with a salmon labia minora and a Caucasian labia majora. She has large coffee and cedar colored eyes with heavy black eyeliner and two eyelashes on each eye as well as thin short lines for eyebrows. Her mouth doubles as the vaginal opening. She has a little clitoris on her head, which contains her G-Spot. Her nose is her urethra, which is never visible unless the scene she's in specifically calls for it. In "How To Have An Orgasm", Jessi's Vagina was characterized as an independent entity that could walk on her own, completely detached from Jessi. As her own being, her cut-off was oval-shaped and she had arms and legs growing off of her. On her feet, she wore hot pink high heels. As of Season 4, she has red pubic stubble on top of her.


Jessi's Vagina is a friendly and kind woman with a bubbly and welcoming personality. She is a very quirky and relatable girl, who talks like a regular person. This makes her an easy person to get to know. Jessi's Vagina is very comical and uses jokes to extinguish nerve-wracking and/or intense situations with humor. Oddly enough, Jessi's Vagina seems to be a lot more educated than Jessi is, despite her not only being the same age as her but having experienced all of the same things she has, (if not less, since she's been covered by her pants most of her life) logically speaking. As implied by a joke she told in her debut episode, Jessi's Vagina is an alcoholic, meaning that she's older than 21. This age would match her personality and wisdom but would contradict her very essence, what with her being the vagina of a then-12-year-old girl.



  • Jessi Glaser - Jessi's Vagina is very friendly with her owner and wants to ensure that guiding her through puberty is going to be as simple and painless as can be. Jessi's Vagina tells jokes as an opium for the struggles of vaginal puberty, although this doesn't always help Jessi. Jessi's Vagina can often pressure Jessi and overwhelm her with demands to masturbate. All in all, Jessi's Vagina is just trying to keep Jessi calm and at peace and wants to be a friend of hers, more than a work partner.
  • Connie - Jessi's Vagina and Connie work together to help Jessi through puberty. Whenever Connie is assisting Jessi with any of the masturbatory or vaginal parts of puberty, Jessi's Vagina comes to help.
  • Jessi's Anus - Jessi's Vagina and Jessi's Anus have never been seen interacting on screen, but the former did elaborate on their relationship in "Girls Are Horny Too". She first joked that she didn't like Jessi's Anus because "she's an asshole" but then backtracked, saying that in all honesty, Jessi's Anus a good friend and an excellent drummer.

Love Interests

  • Judd Birch - Jessi's Vagina gets very excited and sexually aroused around Judd Birch and strongly urges Jessi to masturbate, whenever she's around him. Since Jessi's Vagina is always contained in her pants, she has never actually seen Judd's physical appearance, so she has no idea what he looks like. However, what she's really attracted to is his grim, badass voice and his confident, domineering personality.

Episode Appearances


  • As Jessi's Vagina states, she, in her entirety is not actually the vagina. (Only her mouth is) Technically, Jessi's Vagina is a vulva just with a vagina for a mouth. However, Jessi still refers to her as her vagina.
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