This page showcases all of Jay’s different outfits that he has been seen in throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.
Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

Jay Formal Wear Bat Mitzvah Outfit
Jay Formal Wear Wedding Outfit
Various Episodes For formal events, such as Jessi’s bat mitzvah, Jay wears a pink long-sleeved shirt, gray waistcoat, red tie, black slacks. purple socks, white dress shoes and a red yamaka. Jay wears the same outfit at Devin and Devon’s wedding, but without the yamaka.
Jay Magician Outfit
"Requiem for a Wet Dream" Jay wears a magician getup consisting of a black top hat with red sash and a red cape over his normal outfit for his presentation with Jessi and Matthew.

Season Two

Jay sweatpants
Jay pyjamas
"Dark Side of the Boob" “Smooch or Share In the episodes “Dark Side of the Boob” and “Smooch or Share”, Jay can be seen wearing a white T-shirt and khaki green sweatpants. He's also wearing a pair of jean shorts that he claims to be his underwear when Matthew insults them.

Season Three

Jay Suzette Date Outfit
Jay Brad Date Outfit
"My Furry Valentine" Jay wears two different outfits for Valentine’s Day. For his date with Suzette, he wears a classic black tuxedo jacket, gray waistcoat, white dress shirt, red bowtie, black slacks, and black dress shoes. For his date with Brad, he wears a white tank top, blue denim shorts, white tube socks with two red stripes, red sneakers, and a white sweatband that has a red stripe in the middle.
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