Whether sick or tired or uninspired, you still gotta bring the bone!
—Jay Bilzerian in My Furry Valentine

Jay Bilzerian is one of the main characters of the animated Netflix original series Big Mouth. He is a 13-year-old boy who lives in the suburbs of New York City and he makes a habit of having sex with static objects.


Jay is a 13-year-old Middle Eastern tan-skinned boy with black spiky hair, brown eyes, big black eyebrows that has a little hair in between them where it almost forms a unibrow, big ears and a very Iranian-looking nose.

He wears a white shirt under a black vest, purple pants and black/white sneakers.


Jay is a very sexually active individual who tries to engage in sexual relationships with girls and later on, also guys. He suffers from his inability to self-actualize and self-reflect often causing Jay to suffer inwardly from nervous tension and emotional insecurities which always leads to feelings of shame, guilt and sadness.

Although dedicated, Jay's love goes unrequited, which effects manifest themselves as being clingy once it's given to him. He struggles with finding and creating his own identity and occasionally seeks out attention from others to cope with bouts of loneliness and sadness.

Jay has a passion for magic and is a fan of tons of famous magicians such as David Copperfield. He does magic tricks all the time to impress the ladies (and gentlemen), but he mostly does magic because he actually likes magic and it's one of his many passions.

Throughout the series, Jay has a very feeble admiration for his family which is put to the test multiple times in one of the episodes such as "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality" where Kurt Bilzerian and Val Bilzerian (Jay's older brothers) brutally abused/tortured him, which was not uncommon for his family. It's been shown that Jenna Bilzerian (Jay's mother) does not take good care of him as it is revealed that she does not actually feed him properly (as mentioned in "The Head Push"). Guy Bilzerian (Jay's father) is also horrible as Guy said that Jay was a disappointment to him because he did magic ("I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah"). Due to his lack of parental love, he takes comfort in Elliot Birch and Diane Birch (Nick Birch's parents) as they love him very much and treat him more like a son than his own parents ever did. Starting with the episode "Florida", Jay left home and moved into The Birch House, where Elliot and Diane treated him with the exact kind of love and respect that his own family would never give to him and he was much happier there.

As seen in "The ASSes", Jay suffers from ADHD and some form of a severe mental illness where Jay is talking to inanimate objects and having "sex" with them, such as Pam (Jay's pillow). His mental and behavioral disorders exacerbate his emotional issues making it harder for Jay to love himself and accept who he is. He tries his best to do what's right and doesn't take pleasure in gratuitous violence.


Jay is the other friend of Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman who is the youngest son of an extremely dysfunctional family:


  • Jay is the only main character not to have a hormone monster
    • Maury speculates that Jay serves as his own hormone monster.
  • Although Jay's penis has never been directly shown on screen yet, it can be inferred that he is uncircumcised.
  • In "Girls Are Angry Too", Jenna Bilzerian (Jay's mother) says that she has a secret daughter who isn't Guy Bilzerian's child, but it is likely to be Coach Steve's child.
  • He keeps a "Jerk off journal".
  • Jay is bisexual as he is shown interest in having sex with both male and female characters.
    • He is also additionally poly-amorous as he has no problem with banging two different pillows at the same time.
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