I Love My Body is song from the episode What Is It About Boobs?.

Big Mouth Clip I Love My Body Netflix

Big Mouth Clip I Love My Body Netflix


Every tushy is a snowflake
Every nipple is a star
Every curve and swerve is beautiful
Every stretch mark, every scar
We're smorgasbord of gorgeousness
No two of us the same God made us in
Her image and that girl ain't got no shame
I love my body I love it all
Every wrinkle, pimple, dimple
Big or small
My booty is a beauty
My boobs a work of art my love handles, my bat wings
I love every single part
Cellulite and knobby knees
Ittie-bitties and double D's
Skinny legs and thunder thighs
Areolas of every shape and size
Innies, outies, easties, westies parts I only show my besties
Both big and tiny tush Bikini wax and full-blown bush We love our body
We want the world to know Every inch from frizzy hair
To crooked toe Every belly flat or round
Every butthole bleached or brown
Tiny, tubby, spunky, chunky, funky, short and tall.
We love it all

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