I Feel Like Shit (This Must Be Love) is a ballad that Andrew and Missy sing together in Requiem for a Wet Dream after agreeing to be “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”.


Andrew: When we’re together,

Andrew: My insides throb like my intestines are in my heart.

Missy: (I know and…) And I’m reduced to a trembling heap,

Missy: Of hives and nervous farts.

Both: What’s this feeling?

Both: My organs bind and cramp.

Both: And I nearly poop my pants,

Both: Every time I see ya.

Both: Oh I feel like shit!

Both: This must be love.

Andrew: I’m nauseous from the stress!

Missy: And I’m a gassy rashy mess.

Andrew: I’ve got a boner in my chest!

Both: Cause I'm in love.

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