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Human Resources is an adult sitcom created by Nick KrollAndrew GoldbergMark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett that serves as a spinoff to Big Mouth.


A workplace comedy set in the world of the monsters from Big Mouth.


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  • Emmy Fairfax (voiced by Aidy Bryant) - An awkward yet aspiring lovebug who finally lands a bigger role in HR when filling the role of Sonya Poinsetta after the latter gets fired. Shortly upon being assigned to her first client, Becca Lee, she runs into trouble, having no preparation to handle the intense emotional struggle that comes with being a lovebug to a pregnant woman, turn new mother.
  • Rochelle Hillhurst (voiced by Keke Palmer) - Another lovebug and long-time best friend of Emmy, who is assigned to work with recently engaged man, Doug. You may recognize her as the hate worm of Missy Foreman-Greenwald from Big Mouth.
  • Pete Doheny (voiced by Randall Park) - A logic rock who works at Human Resource and is as strong as he is nerdy. He is assigned to work with the highly impulsive and woefully illogical, Doug.
  • Petra (voiced by Rosie Perez) - An ambition gremlin, who helps her clients get determined to follow their hopes and dreams.
  • Maury Beverly (voiced by Nick Kroll) - A hormone monster that helps adolescent males through puberty. He has a stomach of steel, and his favorite hobbies are getting teenage boys to masturbate, having sexual intercourse with a wall, and much more. You may recognize him from his leading role on Big Mouth as the hormone monster of Andrew Glouberman and Matthew MacDell.
  • Connie LaCienega (voiced by Maya Rudolph) - A hormone monster who advises girls through puberty. She shows teens that it's not so bad being a girl. If she smells good, it's just because she doesn't wear deodorant and takes nothing but bubble baths. You may recognize her from her leading role on Big Mouth as the hormone monster of Jessi Glaser and Nick Birch.
  • Lionel St. Swithens (voiced by David Thewlis) - A shame wizard who makes people feel bad about themselves for their shortcomings and wrongdoings. You may recognize him from his recurring role on Big Mouth as the evil shame wizard who made all the kids feel bad about themselves.
  • Walter Las Palmas (voiced by Brandon Kyle Goodman) - A lovebug who works with Yara, an old woman with Alzheimer's. You may recognize him from his role on Big Mouth as the on & off lovebug/hateworm of Nick Birch.
  • Sonya Poinsettia (voiced by Pamela Adlon) - A lovebug who gets fired from her job after breaking the rules by starting a relationship with a woman she was not assigned to and later gets a new job working as a bartender. You may recognize her from her role as the lovebug of Jessi Glaser.
  • Gavin Reeves (voiced by [1]Bobby Cannavale)- A hormone monster that is dead.[2]
  • Joe (voiced by Joe Wengert) - A hormone monster, who's best friends with Gil.
  • Gil (voiced by Gil Ozeri) - A hormone monster who's best friends with Joe.



  • The announcement of the spin-off series was made from the Big Mouth season 3 panel at New York Comic Con. It will feature the same animation style as Big Mouth.