Nick's Head Explodes
Head Explosions are a running gag in Big Mouth, wherein a character's head will explode in reaction to something shocking or overwhelming, as sort of a visual pun on their "minds being blown". The gag was introduced in "Girls Are Horny Too" and has been rehashed and called back to numerous times, ever since.


  • Girls Are Horny Too
    • Leah tells Nick that girls can get horny, just like boys can, causing the latter's head to explode.
    • Nick tells Andrew and Jay the same thing Leah told him earlier, causing their heads to explode.
    • Andrew passes on the message to Maurice, causing his head to explode.
    • Nick reads a romantic story to the class, causing Lola's heads to explode in sexual arousal.
  • Dark Side of the Boob
  • Florida
    • Jay's head explodes when Diane and Elliot tell him they love him just the way he is.
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