Guy Town is a song from the episode of the same name.


There's a place
I know Where the dudes all go
Where there's no female
Scorn and hassle It's a bachelor's dream
Every man is a king Of his one room shag rug castle
We've got booze and lube and
Lexapro We don't need the outside world
And sex position topiary garden Where every bush is girl-on-girl
We're talking about Guy Town It's a bachelor's stay-cation Guy Town
A testosterone celebration
Guy Town We're a lonely dude nation
Forget your woes Embrace the bros
In Guy Town Oh, you can do as you please
Hang your balls in the breeze
Free of society's uptight gaze
In Guy Town I lived here in 1971
And saw more shaft than Isaac Hayes
Shut your mouth You can park and lounge
By the swimming pool Don't mind the sheen
Of sweat and pubes Just be careful of the penis worms And even we're all dudes
Because we're in Guy Town
A bro-topian sensation Guy Town
A divorcee plantation Guy Town
It's a player's coronation Lose the ring and live the dream
In Guy Town

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