Guy Bilzerian is a supporting character in Big Mouth. He is the father of the Bilzerian siblings, and the husband of his wife. He is a seedy divorce lawyer and the landlord of "Guy Town." His law commercials are a constant source of quotes for Jay and the other characters. 


Although he does still technically live with Jay, Kurt, Val and Jay's Mother, he is never actually seen in their home. Rather, he seems to prefer being in a big penthouse in "Guy Town," spending time there with his receptionist, Taffiny. His affair with Taffiny is known to his sons, especially Jay, who has been left in the car on many of their outings to both motels and Planned Parenthood. He is a self-proclaimed pimp.

When Nick asks him for advice about how to ask out Gina he tells him to reminder her that he's better than she is. In The ASSes, he visits Jay in jail and gets him out. He tells Jay his bail was paid for by a monkey. In Super Mouth, he happily makes out with Jenna as the Bilzerians begin to look like a normal family.


He is seen in his grey suit and yellow tie while on his job as a lawyer.


He tends to live the life of a bachelor despite being married. He doesn't care about what other people think of him as he said in Guy Town he lives balls out and gives zero fucks.

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