Greg Glaser is a supporting character of Big Mouth. He is the stoned father of Jessi Glaser and the ex-husband of Shannon Glaser.


Greg is a good father to his daughter Jessi. He and Shannon eventually went their separate ways. They were together for 20 years as seen in Drug Buddies. As time went on, Greg became less responsible and lazy. He became a pothead and had trouble holding down a job. Shannon got tired of putting up with his laziness and ended up getting a divorce. In I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah​​​​​, Greg and Shannon had a huge fallout. When the night was over, he shared a hug with Jessi.

He had a heart-to-heart moment with Jessi in Steve the Virgin and admitted he still loves Shannon. He admits he blew it and took her for granted. His hopes of saving his marriage were finished when Shannon found out that Jessi had eaten his marijuana edibles. He then proceeded to move out. He ended up staying at Guy Town until he got back on his feet. In The ASSes, after Shannon saw how much Jessi was overwhelmed by the test Greg went to give his daughter some words of encouragement. Jessi gets out of bed and agreed to go to school. In Super Mouth, he moves into his new apartment and reveals he has a new girlfriend. 


Greg's usual outfit is a red hoodie jacket, a gray t-shirt, blue pants and brown shoes.


Greg is most definitely a pothead. He is a true stoner and likes lay around and relax. He also likes to ride his recumbent bicycle.

Episode Appearances


  • Greg is a fan of Phish.
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