The Gogurt Burglar is a little boy at Bridgeton Middle School, who steals people's gogurts.


The Gogurt Burglar made his first appearance in "Requiem for a Wet Dream", when Matthew and Jessi were looking for a third person to be their partner in the science fair. Jessi suggested The Gogurt Burglar but Matthew declined. The Gogurt Burglar appeared, hiding behind a table with a gogurt and laughing mischievously as he lowered himself down behind the table.

In "Am I Normal?", Coach Steve started having an allergic reaction because of his lactose intolerance. He immediately suspected that somebody brought a gogurt into the gym. The Gogurt Burglar was shown to be the culprit, hiding behind the bleachers, giggling with a gogurt. Matthew announced The Gogurt Burglar's presence over the microphone.

In "Smooch or Share", the defeat of The Shame Wizard meant that everyone was allowed to live out their deepest fantasies without being shamed. The Gogurt Burglar stipped down to his undies and squirted gogurt tubes all over himself.

In "My Furry Valentine", The Gogurt Burglar sang in the chorus of the song, Valentine's Day.

In "Rankings", in the boys locker room, Nick, Andrew, DeVon, and Jay were discussing how hot it was that Ali was pansexual. At this time, The Gogurt Burglar appeared hiding behind the lockers and laughing with a gogurt, implying that he thought it was hot that Ali was pansexual as well.

In "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!", The Gogurt Burglar was one of the choral singers in Disclosure.

In "Super Mouth", The Gogurt Burglar got the superpower to fly, by squeezing his gogurts to shoot laser fire out of them.

Episode Appearances

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