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Gina Alvarez is a major recurring character in Big Mouth. She is known for being the first girl in school to develop breasts, which causes a shift in social dynamics with her being the center of attention of all the boys and the envy of all the girls.

She is voiced by Gina Rodriguez.


Gina is a tan-skinned girl who is considered to be one the more attractive girls in her grade, in addition to her more developed body, with waist-length brown hair that is styled on either side and brown eyes.

She typically wears a red v-neck shirt with turquoise stud earrings and jeans.


Gina is a bright and intelligent girl who does not like how people overlook her personality because of her body and she doesn't like the attention given to her by either the boys or the girls because of her looks where she only wants to create actual friendships with others.


Gina comes from a large working-class family who has two older brothers named Mike Alvarez and Carlos Alvarez and a younger sister named Tanya Alvarez. It's mentioned by Jessi Glaser that she's been attending school with her since the first grade and she also knows how to speak Spanish.

Gina first appears in "What Is It About Boobs?", as a member of the girl's soccer team. She attracts attention for her boobs; making her a topic of jealousy and awe by her classmates. When Nick Birch sits with her at lunch, she accepts his offer to help her with science. As they're studying at the school library one day, she mentions that DeVon has been texting her recently and she indicates to having a crush on him.

In "The Shame Wizard", Gina brings Nick over to her family's apartment to study. She introduces him to several members of her family, and they all watch Planet Earth together using Nick's Netflix account. While waiting with Nick for his bus, she tells him her family really liked him before DeVon interrupts them and Gina's last seen kissing DeVon.

In "Drug Buddies", Nick (who is under the effects of marijuana) sees Gina working at the ice cream parlor and seizes the opportunity to reconcile with her. The two become friends again after a friendly chat.

In "Dark Side of the Boob", Gina makes out with Nick in her bedroom and lets him touch her boobs. After Jessi accidentally reveals to Devin that Gina let Nick touch her breasts, Devin and most others at school make fun of Gina by calling her 'a slut', which makes her feel very embarrassed and very angry towards Nick for telling people about their private moment that the Shame Wizard also shames her about this incident.

In "Smooch or Share", Nick tries to apologize to Gina for telling Jessie about him touching Gina (while also trying to blame Devin) and tries to flirt with her again, but she rejects him. Later, Lola, who is still sad over her own breakup, tries to talk to Gina, who is reluctant at first but eventually opens up once Lola brings up that they have both been used by Nick and Andrew Glouberman, although Lola quickly becomes too attached to Gina.

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