The Giant Alien is a massive blue extraterrestrial who created the Earth and all life on it by fucking it. He first appeared in "Requiem for a Wet Dream".


In "Requiem for a Wet Dream", Maury told Andrew the story of how the Earth and all life as we know it, came to be. The story goes as follows: A giant blue alien flew his monolith-like spaceship through Outer Space until he came across a barren lifeless rock that would soon become the Earth. The alien came across a small geyser-like spring and found himself sexually attracted to it. So, he shaped the spring into a volcano shape and fucked it. As he fucked the hole, this caused the ground on the Earth around him to shake and shift. Mountains started forming off of the plateau and holes started crumbling down in the ground. Water started to flow through the holes and canals, creating rivers. After the alien climaxed, he got off the volcano and a geyser of fire started shooting out of it. A bunch of little fireballs landed in the water and started bubbling. The water started rumbling and then Maury rose from the water, which explains how he and the rest of life on Earth were created.





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