Shake your booty.

Future Nick (AKA "Nick Starr") is the future version of Nick Birch, who has become a famous and successful multi-millionaire off of making hit TV shows. He first appeared in "Am I Gay?".


Future Nick first appeared in the episode "Am I Gay?", in an imagination sequence had by Andrew after kissing the present-day version of Nick. Andrew imagined what his life would be like when he has to tell his grandchildren about the time he had his first kiss. In Andrew's imagination sequence, Future Andrew as an old grandpa was telling his three grandkids about how his first kiss was with their honorary uncle, Nick. Andrew's sole granddaughter recognized Nick as the famous celebrity, "Nick Starr", the host of the hit game show, "Count Down to Money With Nick Starr". Nick Starr was then shown hosting his game show, wherein a team of two humanoids faced off against a team of two robots, for ownership of the Most Glorious Kingdom of China Bitcoin Units. Nick Starr would utilize his famous catchphrases such as "Shake your booty." and "Nihow!"

In "Drug Buddies", Nick and Jessi got really high off of some weed that Jessi stole from her dad and Nick would have a vivid hallucination of going to a dark and dystopian future, in a baren and lifeless wasteland called The Alone Zone. There, he came across his future self, who happily welcomed him to his future. Nick Starr would have become a highly successful billionaire after making a hit TV show on Nitflax, which was a cartoon based on his life as a kid. (This is obviously a fourth wall reference to the show, Big Mouth, itself) This show made him rich enough to buy a fancy mansion. Future Nick explained that he's pretty happy with the success of his show but he sometimes wishes he could move on to do more serious roles. Nick was wowed with the glamorous life his future self would someday lead but then he started to wonder if he was married or had any kids. Future Nick assured him that he never married or had kids because "those things have needs" and he has no time for dealing with anyone other than himself. It was cleat that Future Nick was very lonely as his only friend was Andrew 3000, a robotic clone of Andrew Glouberman, substituting for the real deal. Past Nick would start to dread the life he was destined to pursue and before things could get any worse, the regular Nick woke up from his high.

Future Nick did not appear in "Smooch or Share", however, his catchphrase was quoted by Past Nick. Nick would explain the rules of the game smooch or share and say that if the bottle landed on you, your options were to either smooch, share, or shake your booty, which he'd say in a suspiciously similar fashion to the way his future self would. Andrew asked him to repeat and elaborate on that last one but Nick just ignored him. Later in the episode, Nick would go up to Missy, while she was pleasuring herself with Wiggles and once again, told her to shake her booty, referring to her humping gyration.


Nick Starr is a much taller and older version of Nick Birch. His hair is somewhat longer and it's also significantly grayer, as it's lost its pigmentation with age. His skin has also started to fade and become a little more pale and flushed. He also now has wrinkles on his forehead, in between his eyes, and around the corners of his mouth. His eyes have also lost their glimmer. To counterbalance the faded colors of his actual body, Future Nick dons an eye-popping set of colorful clothing, complete with a vibrant electric cyan tuxedo, matching pants, a periwinkle undershirt, matching dress shoes, and a lilac tie.


Nick Starr is a rich and successful celebrity, who seems to have it all. He appears to have gotten everything he's ever wanted out of life, from becoming famous to getting rich, to creating a cartoon about his life as a child. However, behind that happy smile of his, lies a very sad and dissatisfied soul. Nick's life is empty as he has no wife, no kids, and no friends other than a robot clone of his ex-best friend, Andrew.

Episode Appearances


  • In many ways, Future Nick is based on Nick Kroll, as they're both famous celebrities who created cartoons about their childhoods, wherein the main characters served as obvious self-inserts. Nick Starr and Nick Kroll have also never married or had kids. It's possible that Kroll created Starr as a cry for help to project all of his insecurities and negative emotions onto, so he can show how bad his life is now.
  • In "Am I Gay?", Future Andrew referred to Nick as his uncle, implying that in this version of their future, either Andrew married Leah or he just considers Nick to be an honorary family member.
  • Future Nick's hair slightly resembles his father's hair.
  • In "Smooch or Share", Nick Birch quotes his future self's catchphrase "Shake Your Booty" twice.


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